How Do I Get an ESA in Florida

How Do I Get An ESA in Florida

*Estimated Read Time: 6 min, 45 sec. Florida also follows the ADA definitions of ESAs. They recognize that an Emotional Support Animal is a vital component in treating some emotional and mental conditions. You can’t just slap a sticker on Fido’s vest and call him your ESA. Keep reading to learn how to qualify your pet as an ESA in Florida.

Emotional Support Animals vs Psychiatric Service Dogs: What’s the difference?

Emotional Support Animals vs Psychiatric Service Dogs: What’s the difference?

*Estimated Read Time: 7 min 52 sec. As a reputable provider in housing and travel accommodation letters, we know there can be confusion surrounding the definitions, requirements, and legal rights pertaining to Emotional Support Animals and Psychiatric Service Dogs. If you have been wondering this yourself, we are here to help!

Famous Presidential Pets of America

Famous Presidential Pets of America

Estimated Read Time: 8 min 30 sec Some presidential pets have given comfort to the First Family, while others gained recognition for helping to shape the nation’s political canvas. As the adage goes, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog,” so let me tell you ‘bout my beeeeest friend… 

New DOT Rules for Emotional Support Animals: What Every ESA Owner Should Know

New DOT Rules for Emotional Support Animals: What Every ESA Owner Should Know

*Estimated Read Time: 3 min 15 sec. The Department of Transportation recently announced that airlines will no longer be required to recognize ESAs. However, Service Animals (including Psychiatric Service Dogs), who are trained to perform a specific task associated with their owner’s disability, are still legally protected and eligible for those rights.

During the Pandemic Scare, Furry Friends are There!

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I think we can all agree that there are a LOT of big things happening in the world around us right now. Not only has 2020 brought a sudden health crisis to our doorsteps but this year has also seen a new level of political unrest, economic uncertainty, and intense racial division. That’s just the […]

How-To Guide for Registering Your Support Dog

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If you suffer from a psychological or mental condition, you can qualify for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) or Psychiatric Service Animal (PSA). Table of Contents What Counts As A Mental Disability? Depression—6.9% of adults experienced depression in the past year. Anxiety—In 2015, 18.1% had some sort of anxiety disorder. The numbers have grown since then. […]

Tele-psychology – Your Solution for Getting An Emotional Support Animal

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Table of Contents What is Tele-psychology? The criteria set forth in the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) provides the allowance for persons with an emotional disability to certify an emotional support dog to provide therapeutic benefits for those who are diagnosed with certain emotional disabilities by a mental health professional. Emotional disabilities are less obvious than physical […]

Training Your Emotional Support Dog

Training Your Emotional Support Dog

When you have an emotional support animal, the human to animal bond grows more intimately as both live and work together, and are supported with health and happiness. This experience is effective when an emotional support dog, cat, or other furry friend is carefully training. Training to provide comfort, assistance, and even protection. Canines are […]

Pets and CBD-Holistic Solutions for ESAs

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Table of Contents What is CBC? CBC evaluates the number and type of blood cells in your dog’s blood. The test helps identify any anomalies and conditions that can worsen over time if not detected. A CBC is commonly used as a screening test for anemia, infections and other illnesses. CBC tests involve an analysis of […]

What Health Risks are Related to Which Breeds?


Over 68% of American households own a pet, representing about 84.6 million households, according to the American Pet Products Association. 60.2 million of them have a dog, implying that dogs are the majority.   Different dog breeds have different traits and advantages. Some breeds are more likely to suffer from certain health conditions. By understanding […]