Sunflower Lanyards for Hidden Disabilities

Sunflower Lanyards For Hidden Disabilities

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It can be hard to ask for help when others can’t see what you suffer from; especially in instances where negative stigmas have been falsely attached to your problem. Thankfully, people no longer have to “grin and bear it”, or suffer on their own. Sunflower lanyards for hidden disabilities can help!

Can a Service Dog In Training Go Anywhere?


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Public Access privileges for Service Dogs in Training vary significantly by state. Some states allow Service Animals in Training to be in public areas if accompanied by their trainer. Others do not extend the same rights.

5 Summer Heat Dangers for Dogs That Might Surprise You

5 Summer Heat Dangers for Dogs That Might Surprise You

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The rising temps and outdoor adventures of summer can be great fun, but can also pose different risks for dogs! Be aware of what to watch out for with these real-life heat safety tips.

Help! My Doctor Won’t Write A Service Dog Letter

Help! My Doctor Won't Write A Service Dog Letter

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Evidence shows that individuals frequently grappling with mental intensity or destructive feelings greatly benefit from the use of a Psychiatric Service Dog. So then, why are so many physicians hesitant to recommend them? That’s an important question! Many are finding themselves stuck when their doctor won’t write a Service Dog letter.

10 Ways to Naturally Combat Stress

10 Ways to Naturally Combat Stress

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For many individuals, chronic stress can negatively impact overall physical and mental wellness. Thankfully, dozens of techniques exist to help ease stress and anxiety. Some might surprise you!

Can Someone Have a Service Dog for Autism?

Can Someone with Autism have a Service Dog?

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Individuals with autism are wired differently. They have real neurological differences that impact their behavior. Did you know that an Autism Service Dog is a natural, therapeutic intervention that is helpful for some people with autism?

Famous Military Dogs & Why We Love These Breeds

military dogs

Did you know that, according to The Zebra, 68 percent of households within the U.S. own a pet? Additionally, 37 million millennials (at least) have pets, and, every year, there are four million cats and dogs that people adopt every year from shelters.  Table of Contents If you’re a dog lover, then you understand why […]

Do Dogs Dream? Harvard and MIT Experts Weigh In

Do Dogs Dream?

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We can’t communicate with animals in the same way as humans. Anything we know about their sleep is simply theoretical. Have you ever wondered if all the running your dog does while snoozing is normal? Or if dogs REALLY dream? Read here to find out what the experts have to say.

What Does Mange Mean for Your Pets?

What Does Mange Mean for Your Pets?

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If you are an animal lover, you have most likely heard the word ‘mange’ at some point or other. Maybe you are familiar with it, and maybe you are not! Either way, it may end up affecting your family members. Let’s take a closer look at what all the fuss is about.