Hacking Into Happiness

Hacking Into Happiness

*Estimated Read Time: 7 min 18 sec
Regardless of how you feel today, there are simple steps backed by neuroscience that you can take to improve your overall well-being. Read more to see how you can incorporate natural, mood-enhancing activities into your daily habits and intentionally release more happiness into your life.

8 Reasons To Own A German Shepherd

8 Reasons to Own a German Shepherd

*Estimated Read Time: 4 min 35 sec
German Shepherds (GSDs) have a long-standing reputation as one of the most popular dog breeds in the USA. But why? And should YOU get one? These are great questions, and we took the time to answer them! You might be surprised what you find out by reading our top 8 reasons to own a German Shepherd.

What Are the ESA Laws in California?

What are the ESA Laws in California?

*Estimated Read Time: 4 min 41 sec
Assembly Bill 468 went into effect on January 1st, 2022. Still in effect a year later, the bill outlines stricter ESA guidelines in hopes to lower instances of ESA and PSA fraud. How does the bill affect owners and prospective owners living in the Golden State? Read on to find out!

Dog Obedience Training in 15 Minutes a Day

Dog Obedience Training in 15 Min a Day

*Estimated Read Time: 9 min 17 sec
Service Animals are an effective, holistic treatment that not only improves the lives of their owners but also allows them to manage daily activities. The biggest obstacle? Sticker shock pertaining to professional training fees! ASP (in partnership with CaliK9) have finally bridged the gap through our comprehensive self-training course, I Train Academy. Let’s explore lesson #1!

Deciphering Cat Code: What is Your Kitty Really Saying?

Deciphering Cat Code

*Estimated Read Time: 7 min 47 sec
Cats constantly communicate to humans and each other! If you own a cat, it’s crucial to know exactly what your kitty wants to express to you. Whether using vocal cues or through body language, they rarely hesitate to let us know exactly what they’re thinking. Let’s take a look at deciphering cat code!

How Dogs See the World

How Dogs See the World

*Estimated Read Time: 5 min 24 sec
A dog experiences the world in a unique way compared to how a human does. Pet owners who want to understand this visual phenomenon better will surely find our guide into how dogs see the world fascinating!

Seasonal Depression Explained

Seasonal Depression Explained

*Estimated Read Time: 5 min 42 sec
During the winter there are shorter days, longer nights, less sunlight, and more time indoors which can all contribute to a decline in mental wellness. While it is normal to deal with some “winter blues”, if you are experiencing long-lasting, deep levels of despair then you might be affected by seasonal depression. We have important information for you!

10 Mood-Boosting Tips for Handling Holiday Stress!

Mood-Boosting Tips for Holiday Stress

*Estimated Read Time: 7 min 18 sec
Who agrees that holidays are aw-some and aw-ful all at the same time? Many people simultaneously love and hate the chaos of these seasons. If you’re looking for healthy ways to handle holiday stress, you can do so with these 10 mood-boosting tips!

Can Emotional Support Animals Replace Therapists?

Support Animals Replacing Therapists

*Estimated Read Time: 5 min 28 sec
There are many options available to treat mental health disorders. It’s true for ANY disability, whether visible or invisible, that what works for one may not work for another. Let’s explore the benefits of an ESA, and dig into whether or not what they offer should be deemed enough!

Why Am I Depressed During the Holidays?

Why Am I Depressed During the Holidays?

*Estimated Read Time: 5 min 47 sec
The holiday season can bring happiness and cheer, but it can also elicit quite opposite emotions. Mental health challenges are prevalent for many in the fall and winter months. Learn to recognize the signs of holiday depression and 5 ways to successfully cope.