7 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween

7 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween

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Halloween doesn’t have to be a nightmare for you or your pet! All the hype of Halloween can cause our pets a lot of stress. Here are 7 tips to keep you and your pets safe on Halloween.

Preparing Your Dog for the 4th of July

Preparing Your Dog for the 4th of July

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For many people, nothing is better than chillaxin in the backyard on the 4th of July with good friends and family—including fur babies! Of course, we all want to incorporate the dog in our holiday get-togethers, but doing so should be approached with care and caution. Some festive foods, supplies, and activities can pose potential risks to your canine companion. Preparing your dog for the 4th of July is super important! Keep reading to find out how.

Why You Should Never Fake a Service Dog

Why You Should Never Fake a Service Dog

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Our company firmly believes in the benefits and even the necessity of Emotional Support Animals and Service Dogs. We also believe in following the rules which allow these legalities to actively benefit the disabled. Service Dogs are amazing assets and companions to many. Psychiatric Service Dogs have proven to be tremendously advantageous in managing a wide variety of mental health disabilities. We recommend them, we advocate for them, and we want you to know why you should never fake a Service Dog.

Getting Your ESA Letter

Getting Your ESA letter

Are you one of the estimated 43.8 million adults in America that have or will experience a mental illness this year? Are you one of the 9.8 million that have a mental illness? The parent of the 21.4% of youths (ages 13-18) or that 13% (ages 8-15) that have had some type of serious mental disorder […]

How-To Guide for Registering Your Support Dog

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If you suffer from a psychological or mental condition, you can qualify for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) or Psychiatric Service Animal (PSA). Table of Contents What Counts As A Mental Disability? Depression—6.9% of adults experienced depression in the past year. Anxiety—In 2015, 18.1% had some sort of anxiety disorder. The numbers have grown since then. […]

Flying With Your Emotional Support Animal

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DOT Update: On December 2, 2020, the Department of Transportation announced that it is​ revising rules around flying with Emotional Support Animals. Airlines will no longer be required to recognize ESAs and provide reasonable accommodation in the flight cabin and/or free of charge. However, Service Animals (including Psychiatric Services Animals), who are trained to perform specific tasks […]

Tele-psychology – Your Solution for Getting An Emotional Support Animal

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Table of Contents What is Tele-psychology? The criteria set forth in the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) provides the allowance for persons with an emotional disability to certify an emotional support dog to provide therapeutic benefits for those who are diagnosed with certain emotional disabilities by a mental health professional. Emotional disabilities are less obvious than physical […]

A Complete Guide To Getting An ESA Housing Letter For Renters

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Table of Contents Most landlords are not big on pets. Most of them believe that pets increase the chances of risks occurring. Maybe risks from hurt or irritated neighbors to property damage. But is it true? Let’s look at a few facts about renters with pets. The Facts 70 percent of renters own a pet. […]