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What Are The Cutest Dog Breeds? Top 6 Choices

What Are The Cutest Dog Breeds? Top 6 Choices

What are the cutest dog breeds? Is there even an actual answer to that question? Where would one even begin? What qualifies a pup as cute?

Floppy ears or stick-up-straight ones? Paws? Faces? Personality? Then again, maybe it’s the fur and overall floofy-ness factor? Does the pup need to fit in our pocket, or should we be able to ride him like a horse? (please don’t ever actually do that) So many factors to take into consideration when choosing the cutest breed.

It makes the most sense to turn to the interwebs for a little guidance. In a completely unscientific poll on social media, I have discovered the top 6 choices believed to be the cutest. Do you agree? I guess we’ll see.

Table of Contents

#1. Golden Retrievers

Retrievers were a common favorite in the poll, specifically Golden Retrievers. Retrievers are known for their excellent temperament, loyalty, and intelligence. But they’re also known for their lustrous golden coat, hence the name. They’ve got short floppy ears, a long straight snout, and eyes that can see into your soul. They’re considered a medium-sized breed, maxing out around 60-75 pounds (depending on if it’s male or female) and measuring up to just shy of two feet tall.

What Are The Cutest Dog Breeds? Top 6 Choices: #1 golden retriever

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Goldens require brushing to keep their thick, water-repellent coat tangle-free. They’ll shed pretty moderately year-round, with some heavy shedding a couple of times a year. Daily brushing will likely be necessary during those times to ensure you don’t have fluff balls floating around your house. These guys also require lots of activity. Letting them sit around all day, every day will likely lead to undesirable behavior. Ensuring he gets lots of exercise will keep him (and you) happy!

Retrievers love to be challenged, thrive in obedience training, and are often used as guide dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, Goldens are the third most popular breed in the US.

What Are The Cutest Dog Breeds? Top 6 Choices: #2 Cavalier King Charles

#2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

This one might get my vote if I’m being totally honest. Just look at that adorable wittle face with the wittle nose, big eyes, and those floppy ears! Be still my heart.

Okay, I’ll stop. But seriously, look at this cutie! Cavaliers are known for being very affectionate and great with kids. As a small breed, they max out around 15-18 pounds and about a foot tall and have long silky hair that lends to a gorgeous coat. Though the coat does require frequent brushing, you only need to bathe a Cavalier occasionally

Don’t let the fancy name fool you! These dogs may look all regal and astute, but they’ve got enough energy to give every squirrel in your neighborhood a run for his money! Fun fact, though – they’re very adaptable and tend to match their owner’s lifestyle. If you’re more of a Netflix and chill type of person, he’ll happily warm your lap. If you’d rather be out hittin’ the trails, your Cavalier will lead the way and sniff out any wildlife long before you can spot it! Be sure to keep him on a leash – they were bred to be hunting dogs, and you never know when that instinct will kick in!

#3. Shar-Pei

This Chinese breed is quite the juxtaposition! With his broad, boxy mouth and teeny-tiny ears, he almost looks like the brother of a hippo! Yet, his body is trim and strong. One could never miss all those folds of loose skin around his head and neck. Another pup in the medium-size category, these dogs come in at just about a foot and a half tall and max out around 50-60 pounds.

And while Shar-Peis are known for their calm demeanor and fierce loyalty, they will jump to action at the first sign of stranger danger. Training is essential for these wrinkly-faced guard dogs. They are smart (sometimes too bright for their britches) and can have a stubborn nature. Get that training done early; it’s a great way to let him know he’s not the boss.

These guys don’t need much in the way of grooming; they’re pretty low maintenance. An occasional bath, keeping nails trimmed and ears cleaned is about the extent of it. Bonus Fact: Did you know Shar-Pei actually means “sand skin?” And their fur feels like sandpaper! As far as exercise goes, they can adapt pretty well to the owner’s lifestyle. They can do well being active every day or living in a smaller space and doing shorter walks.

What Are The Cutest Dog Breeds? Top 6 Choices: #3 shar pei
What Are The Cutest Dog Breeds? Top 6 Choices: #4 Yorkie

#4. Yorkshire Terriers

Topping out at less than either of my kids weighed when they were born is the teeny little Yorkshire Terrier at 7 pounds. Don’t let their compact body size fool you, though! Yorkies are known for their spunk, and these pint-sized pooches have plenty of energy (and attitude) to run circles around the big guys. Not only are they known for their energy (thanks to their terrier lineage), they’re also known to be affectionate… and sometimes a little bossy.

They are a low-allergen breed because their long silky hair is more like human hair than dog hair. As such, if you decide to keep it long, it will need to be daily brushing. You’ll also need to take care to keep the top of the head groomed short or pull it up in a top knot to avoid irritating his eyes. Yorkies also require a bath every week or so and should have daily exercise. They’re very popular among city-dwellers thanks to their small footprint.

#5. German Shepherds

German Shepherds are the picture of courage, loyalty, and smarts. This dog is cute in a regal sort of way if that’s possible. A shepherd’s face even gives off an intelligent expression without even trying! German Shepherds are known for being extremely trainable and for their fierce guardianship. They make a great family pet because of their gentle nature, but don’t be fooled by an aloof expression. If a stranger comes near, he will be on the defense for the sake of his people. According to the AKC, German Shepherds rank number two in breed popularity.

German Shepherds can get up to 26 inches tall and anywhere from 50-90 pounds, depending on gender. Their double coat is pretty easy to care for – just a weekly brushing or two should do the trick. Be prepared for massive shedding a couple of times a year and pretty regular shedding year-round. He’ll also need lots of space and exercise for his well-being, so he may not be the best for an urban lifestyle.

What Are The Cutest Dog Breeds? Top 6 Choices: #5 German Shepherd
What Are The Cutest Dog Breeds? Top 6 Choices: #6 cockapoo

#6. Cockapoo

The only ‘hybrid’ dog to make it to the list is the fluffy little Cockapoo. Considered a designer breed, the Cockapoo was bred back in the 1960s and is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. This means that not only does he have a playful personality (from the spaniel), but he’s extremely affectionate and has a sweet personality. They are also relatively easy to train and aren’t likely to get an attitude and make a bunch of noise. They make great family dogs and look like little stuffed animals!

Cockapoos hardly shed at all, thanks to that Poodle lineage, and are very easy to groom with daily brushings. They’re also great for allergy sufferers because they produce very little dander. They can weigh up to 19 pounds and be anywhere from 10-15 inches tall, putting them in the medium category. The Cockapoo is definitely among one of the most adorable dog breeds. With his affectionate nature and willingness to accept anyone, he’s an excellent option for a first-time dog owner.

What Say You?

You’ve seen the adorable photos, you’ve read the stats, and you’ve pondered the great question… so which one is the cutest? See. You can’t pick just one, can you?

We told you it wasn’t easy!

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