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Must-Have Products for Pet Owners!

Must-Have Products for Pet Owners!

Many U.S. households will soon observe National Pet Parents Day, which falls on the final Sunday of the month each year. In 85 million homes spanning the nation, at least one pet is present and part of the family unit. This makes the holiday significant and very well-acknowledged. Not only does it celebrate those who responsibly care for their pets, but has become a way to honor moms and dads who get left out on other conventional days of parental recognition (like Mother’s Day and Father’s day). After all, not every baby is the human kind. And aside from the holiday, it’s never a bad time to give your pet the very best that life has to offer!

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Whether you’re a pet parent or simply new to the idea of National Pet Parents Day, you may be wondering exactly how to be part of the fun.

Should you give your pet a present, or give a present to another pet parent whom you adore? How should you pamper your pet? What are the best products out there right now, and where should you purchase them from? We’ll answer all these things and more, to help make your holiday truly pet-tacular!

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What Things Do Pets Need Most?

Aside from stability, safety, and love, there are five basic needs that all pets have in common. 


The right food will depend on the type of pet owned, their age range, breed, and detailed or specific health restrictions. There are, however, ways to weed out “junk foods” from nutritious ones. For cats and dogs, premium food that’s enhanced with vitamins, proteins, and nutrients is usually suggested to ensure the most well-balanced diet. Food with lots of fillers or a lower pet food grade shouldn’t be used as their primary food source.  

If you’re still unsure how to choose high-rated foods, there are websites dedicated to researching and rating the major store brands for you, such as Pet Food Ratings and the Best Reviews Guide


Clean water should be readily, safely, and easily reachable for every type of pet, including (but not limited to) dogs, cats, rodents, rabbits, snakes, and even spiders. Depending on the type of pet, it can’t just be put in a bowl or a basin. You don’t want them to drown. Make sure you research which types of containers or bottles are best for their species and size.  


A safe place to rest gives pets all three essential “must haves” we mentioned above, to ensure that they live their best lives. Stability, safety, and love can all be found inside a cozy, comfy bed or dwelling. And if your pets are cage dwellers, burrowers, or simply shy, shelter can be what’s best suited to make them feel secure. It’s all about knowing your animal’s inherent behavioral patterns.  

Must-Have Products for Pet Owners!

Even when outdoors and outside normal resting hours, your pets still need accommodations: somewhere warm and dry to escape from the cold, rain, or snow; or somewhere more cool and refreshing to hide out from the heat. Whether that means you install a dog door, buy a small house, or convert an old shed, the main priorities should be your pet’s comfort and health. It’s never a viable option to leave them tied up and exposed, or without a way inside for long periods of time. 

Exercise And Daily Stimulation

Regardless of whether your pet likes to socialize, most need some type of exercise or interactive play. This is especially crucial for dogs and many breeds of cats. Most dogs like to walk, run, fetch, adventure, play games, and explore. Cats get bored as well, though many live productive lives entirely indoors. Catnip toys, cat trees, and treat balls are some great alternatives. 

But playthings aren’t just for our canines and felines. All pets should have at least some sort of toy that helps promote activity. Birds, hamsters, betta fish, bunnies, guinea pigs, and snakes are just a few examples. Things like octopus pinatas, hay sticks, grass huts, rock caves, trio balls, and hollow logs can be great boredom busters, depending on which pet you own. Check out our suggestions by clicking each respective pet we’ve listed for you here. Some of these pet saving hacks may also help you when it comes to buying extra goodies. 

Must-Have Products for Pet Owners!

What Do Pet Owners Buy Most?

Now that we’ve looked into what pets need most, it comes as no surprise that owners spend the most money on fresh and frozen pet food. Even with the economic struggles that many are facing, the percentage growth of food has kept on climbing up the charts. 

Pet treats and premium products aren’t too far behind. Consumer awareness of food quality and what we put into (or onto) our bodies has grown by leaps and bounds. The emphasis on healthy living isn’t just on human health, though. Parents are far more health-conscious when it comes to their fur kids, as well. 

And what about items outside of necessity? Since a large majority of pet owners have a dog or cat, let’s go one step further and explore the biggest trending “extras” being bought for both. 

Trending Dog Products

Currently, the dog products in high demand are dog vitamins, dog donut beds, and dog CBD.

Dog Vitamins:

Nearly 10,000 searches for dog vitamins are recorded online, every month. Their purpose is nearly identical to that of human supplements, only formulated differently for improved canine health. And there’s no need to stress about finding the right combination or brand – most veterinary experts are well-versed in the topic. In fact, dog vitamins are often prescribed by a vet for a pet’s health and wellness, as they can be huge assets for some health conditions. It’s important to remember that your vet should be consulted before you decide to adjust your pet’s health protocol, or add any vitamins to it.  

Must-Have Products for Pet Owners!

Dog Donut Beds:

As the name suggests, these beds are round like a donut and are known to improve your dog’s sleep. Their combined shape and cushy material simulate a hug, and tend to have a calming effect on anxious dogs. There are reportedly over 6,500 monthly online searches for dog donut bedding; a 750% increase over the last five years. 

Dog CBD:

CBD oil for dogs is not only reported as having numerous health benefits, but a lack of side effects. Its popularity has grown by over 100% since 2018, likely due to overall cannabis awareness and less stringent laws. By mixing it into their food or purchasing CBD treats, owners can use it to help their dog’s pain or ease their anxiety symptoms. 

Trending Cat Products

As far as trending cat products, cat owner must-haves include water fountains, top entry cat litter boxes, PrettyLitter (my favorite), and scratching posts!

Water Fountains:

These are fancy water bowls, with benefits! The smart pump acts as a filtration system, which keeps water constantly flowing. The movement tends to gain and keep a cat’s attention, which (hopefully) helps them to stay on top of their hydration game! Most cat water fountains are BPA free and have LED lights that blink when water levels drop / fountains need to be refilled.

Top Entry Litter Boxes:

Owners prefer to use top entry boxes primarily because they’re more discreet. They also help lessen the problem of litter being tracked throughout the home. Although they’re a popular purchase, they aren’t ideal for every cat. To be used, your kitty needs to be able to jump in and out. Skittish cats, elderly cats, and or overweight cats may not be willing or able to use them. 

cat scratching post


Another very popular pet product for kitties is color-changing cat litter, known as PrettyLitter. Unlike normal litters, Pretty Litter was designed to monitor cat urine for potential health issues. Different colors indicate different types of ailments that may otherwise go undetected. Blue, for example, detects UTIs. Red indicates bladder infections (or stones). All in all, the litter is a non-invasive way to check for things that normally require a trip to the vet. That’s pretty inventive if you ask us!

Scratching Posts:

Cats have innate impulses when it comes to scratching. Purchasing a post that’s made specifically for clawing will not only save your home’s furniture, but satisfy a feline urge that all cats were made to fulfill. 

How Do I Choose a Pet Product?

With so many pet products out there, it can be overwhelming to narrow things down. Although the suggestions we’ve given may help, research is the most important step to take before a purchase. Look up reviews or star ratings, read all ingredient labels, and only buy from reputable businesses or sellers. 

That still leaves the question of what to buy, though. A pet has many factors that come into play when it comes to what products suit their needs the best. Breed, size, weight, height, health, and individual demeanor may eliminate some products others rave about. If shopping for your own fur child (or for one you know well), you should take their likes and dislikes, as well as any health restrictions, into consideration before you spend the money. 

If looking for a present and not sure about the needs of the pet in question, gift cards are the safest bet. Chewy, PetSmart, Amazon, ValuePet and Wag are all among the top ten sites that pet owners turn to when shopping. 

Must-Have Products for Pet Owners!

Great Gifts For Pet Owners

Last but not least, National Pet Parents Day is just as much about the parent as it is the pet. Pet owners may appreciate something for themselves as well. There are tons of lists available via online search tools. Or you can check out this curated list of personalized items most animal lovers would howl for, as well as a dog-centric list to help you treat yourself, or spoil someone else. 

We hope you have the best possible National Pet Parents Day this year! All the best to you and all your animal family members! 🐾 ❤️ 
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