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The Ultimate Dog Training Guide – Start Young

There are very few things that are as rewarding as owning a pet. Regardless of if your pet is a certified Emotional Support Animal (ESA) or just another member of the family, they bring companionship and support to our lives. 

Training is essential to your pets ability to be a part of the family and the community around you. If your pet is out of control, your friends, family, and neighboring community will avoid or file complaints against you and your furry companion, which causes more stress for you. Emotional support animals are there to comfort and provide healing, and with basic training, they can accomplish that much more easily. 

Don’t already have your pet certified? Don’t wait another day to get the benefits of pet therapy. At American Service Pets we make it as stress-free as possible.


Table of Contents

Start Young

For nearly every kind of ESA, training can begin Early in age. Although, It does depend on the time they are able to gain some independence from their mother.  For example, puppies are ready to start learning at seven or eight weeks. Dog training, biting and potty training are the first two basic steps to training. Kittens will have to learn that some things in the house are not toys (toilet paper rolls), and that there are places that can be scratched like a scratching post, and others that cannot be scratched, like the couch.

Other things to begin training pets when they’re young is where they sleep.  Some puppies are cute and cuddly, then they grow up to be bigger than the adults they live with.  It will be easier to help a pet learn to sleep in a pet bed if that is your choice when they are younger rather than older.

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When pets are a few months old, most pets will learn how to acclimate themselves to others.  Whether it is how they act on a walk, or when people visit, the lessons that a young animal begins to learn at several months of age will be imprinted on that animal when it is older.  The earlier you start with training, the quicker your pup can learn what it needs to become an Emotional Support Dog.

Puppies also need to learn how to react to other dogs.  Some pups go on walks and think every dog they see is part of their pack.  They need to learn restraint so they are not hurt by more aggressive animals and not annoying to their owners.


No matter what kind of animal you’re working with, patience is an important skill for the owner to possess.  For example, just like a two-year-old doesn’t ignore instructions on purpose (usually), young animals aren’t vexing to their owners on purpose.  Your pets are trying to learn, and you need to impart those lessons without making your pet fearful.  There are so many benifits to having and obtaining the behavior of patience. Important bonding takes place by showing love, attention, and sometimes giving treats! Those traits become the currency for lessons learned well. Be strategic, patient, and persistent in your pet training for the first few months. You will see a world of a difference in the remainder of your time with your furry companion.

Other Benefits

Training your ESA to be a well behaved pet also allows both the pet and the owner to have more freedom.  The owner can leave the pet and know their house won’t be destroyed when they get home.  A well-behaved pet and its owner can be around other animals and people, allowing for socialization and exercise.  Helping animals learn is also a way to keep pet and owner mentally stimulated.  You will need a letter to indicate your pet is an Emotional Support Animal. So, please contact us so we can help you better understand that process.  An ESA letter can usually be approved within 24 hours.

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Due to the new Department of Transportation (DOT) policy, Emotional Support Animals are NO longer allowed to fly in airplane cabins for free. However, Psychiatric Service Dogs are eligible.


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