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Owners of Emotional Support Animals or Psychiatric Service Dogs are regularly required to provide doctors letters and legitimate documentation of their pet’s work status and how it pertains to housing and travel constraints.

As a company dedicated to authenticity and transparency, American Service Pets is committed to ensuring that every ESA or PSA owner has a seamless and stress-free experience as they navigate their daily lives with a support or service animal.

American Service Pet’s exclusive ESA or PSA Identification Cards provide unmitigated transparency to landlords, airlines, and civilians alike; providing them with the peace of mind that your animal is working to play a vital role in your mental or physical well-being.

Small, sleek, and easily attached to the ESA or PSA vest, these ID card has become a staple in American Service Pets community, uniting ESA and PSA owners across the nation. As humans, we are required to carry proof of competency to operate a vehicle, so why not carry proof that your service or support animal has passed their competency requirements?