Deluxe Service Animal Harness


Service Dogs work extremely hard to help their humans, but so few vests exist to support
service dogs. Finally, an effective, comfortable, and supportive harness to support your psychiatric service dog
on the go. Coming in a variety of sizes with adjustable straps for service dogs of all shapes and
sizes, the American Service Pets Psychiatric Service Dog Vest and harness are strategically
crafted for comfort, convenience, transparency, safety, and functionality.

Designed to make life easier for you and your PSA, the American Service Pets Exclusive
Psychiatric Service Dog Vest features certification patches to visibly display your Service Dog
status, creating a clear line of communication to verify your PSA’s work, allowing you to navigate
your everyday life with minimal friction, fewer disruptions, and optimal respect.
Made from a top-tier nylon material to ensure maximum durability, the American Service Pets
PSA certified vest includes a padded mesh lining to not only ensure a perfect fit, but also
temperature control in various environmental conditions.
Easily configured with any mainstream leash, this versatile vest empowers owners to take their
PSA anywhere with confidence; knowing that onlookers will respect the role your PSA plays and
your boundaries.
Complete with a top-mounted handle for added assistance and counterbalance, and reflective
lining for additional visibility in low light, this one-of-a-kind PSA certified vest has rapidly become
the industry gold standard for responsible service dog owners across the nation.

Widely renowned as the industry leader in ESA and PSA letters, certification, advocacy, and
equipment, American Service Pets have proudly served over 50,000 individuals across the
nation to help them live and travel with their support or service animals.

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