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Service Animal Harness Vest

Finally, an effective, comfortable, and supportive harness to support your psychiatric service dog on the go.

Widely renowned as the industry leader in ESA and PSA letters, certification, advocacy, and equipment, American Service Pets have proudly served over 50,000 individuals across the nation to help them live and travel with their support or service animals.

At American Service Pets, we know how hard psychiatric service animals work to support their humans and how vital their presence can be when going about daily tasks. We also understand that it may be difficult — even stressful — to think about potentially having to advocate for yourself and your service dog when entering a public accommodation.

Do service dogs have to wear a service animal vest? No, your hardworking pup doesn’t need any kind of physical identifier, but wouldn’t it be so much simpler if you could easily let the world know how meaningful your PSA’s work is?

Enter the American Service Pets Service Animal Vest. Put your worries about navigating the world around you at ease with this bright, well-crafted vest. Now, you’ll be able to go through everyday life with less friction and disruptions and optimal confidence and respect.

We’ve created our service animal vest with the hardworking spirit of service animals in mind. Top-tier nylon material ensures maximum durability while on the go, and the padded mesh lining will keep your animal comfortable as they perform their tasks.

Our service animal vest also combines comfort with versatility. We offer a wide range of vest sizes, from extra small to extra large, and every vest comes equipped with adjustable straps to accommodate service animals of all shapes and sizes. Plus, our service animal vest wouldn’t be complete without a top-mounted handle for added assistance and counterbalance, as well as the ability to configure it with any standard dog leash.

By purchasing this service animal vest, you confirm that you have a valid doctor’s letter stating your need for a psychiatric service animal. If you don’t have your letter, we’re happy to help you get the process started today.

Remember, it is a crime to falsely claim your pet as a service animal. When you purchase this vest you accept full responsibility for any and all legal repercussions that follow should you falsely claim your animal as a service animal.

Finally, ASP’s service animal vest ensures that your dedicated service animal will be visible day and night. Not only is our vest brightly colored, but it also has the words “SERVICE DOG” printed on the side.

Taking your service dog out after dark? The vest also has a reflective lining that offers additional visibility in low light. All these components are intended to increase transparency around your dog’s presence, as well as reduce the odds of eager dog lovers’ well-meaning but distracting desire to pet your working animal.


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