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Emotional Support Animal Harness Vest

Finally, an effective, comfortable, and supportive harness to support your emotional support animal on the go. Coming in a variety of sizes with adjustable straps for support animals of all shapes and sizes, the American Service Pets ESA Vest is strategically crafted for comfort, convenience, transparency, safety, and functionality.

When you’re at home with your emotional support animal, you know the comfort and security it provides. But while out and about, how can you distinguish your ESA in a crowd and easily let others know your furry friend is hard at work?

That’s where the American Service Pets Emotional Support Animal Vest comes in, allowing ESA owners to navigate everyday life with minimal friction and optimal respect.

Designed with comfort and durability in mind, we’ve made our emotional support animal vest the ideal item for on-the-go ESA handlers. The sturdy nylon material is made to last, and each vest includes a padded mesh lining and adjustable straps. Plus, vests come in a variety of sizes — from extra small to extra large — so they’ll fit support animals of all shapes and sizes.

Beyond providing a comfortable fit, our emotional support animal vest is extremely versatile. It not only comes equipped with a top-mounted handle for added assistance and counterbalance, but it can also be configured with any mainstream leash.

And as if that wasn’t enough, our emotional support animal vest is brightly colored and emblazoned with the words “EMOTIONAL SUPPORT” on the sides, allowing for visibility of your animal and its importance to you. With this winning combination of durability, versatility, and visibility, you and your ESA can explore your world with confidence.

By purchasing this emotional support animal vest, you confirm that you have a valid doctor’s letter stating your need for a an ESA. If you don’t yet have your letter, start the process today.

Please remember, it is a crime to falsely claim your pet as a service animal. By purchasing this vest, you accept full responsibility for any and all legal repercussions that may follow should you falsely claim your animal as a service animal.