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Our ESA Family, Cats Included

The two best friends that anyone could have…

These cats are just unbelievable. They are filled with love, energy and know how to make their humans laugh. Life without them is truly unimaginable.

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Pebbles and Rafiki are registered Emotional Support Animals…

Our very own American Service Pets teammate, Nikki Beck, is a strong advocate for Emotional Support Animals. She says “Emotional Support Animals are often overlooked but offer so much comfort when you are going through a difficult time in life and owners shouldn’t have to pay additional fees just because they are in need of a little extra support.

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Nikki went through the hardship of losing her father 10 years ago – a loss that she’s never fully recovered. She has good days and other times, hard days. This is where Pebbles and Rafiki come in. “Just having them [Pebbles and Rafiki] around allow my stress and anxiety to lower. Their comfort helps me each and every day. Not having the extra stress knowing that I have to pay additional pet fees is such a great feeling.

This is just a little bit of her story and why she truly loves American Service Pets.

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Now...let’s meet the real stars of the show!

First up, Rafiki...

Untitled design 22

Where to even begin with this bundle of energy. He is the best, worst cat anyone could ask for. And yes, this is a VERY GOOD thing. Rafiki finds his way into trouble but he’s so dang cute and lovable, it’s hard to get mad at him.

He finds his way in places he doesn’t belong – on top of doors (no joke), on top of indoor plant decor and on top of the refrigerator. Rafiki also LOVES to jump on your back if you bend over to pick something up or tie your shoe.

rafiki only

Rafiki loves to have his belly rubbed and hold your hand while he’s laying next to you. His purrr is louder than a motor boat but his meow is softer than a midnight walk in the park. He’s the best work buddy you could ask for, except when he thinks it’s a good idea to lay on top of the laptop.

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One ironic thing about Rafiki is the fact that he loves water. If you’re wanting to relax in the bathtub, think again because Rafiki will most likely jump in with you. If you’d rather go for a shower, Rafiki will patiently wait outside until you get out and it’s his turn to roll around in the excess water.

Rafiki loves to play with his humans, his sister [Pebbles] and loves when visitors come over. He is obsessed with the laser pointer and his mouse.

He truly is one of the best cats around.

Next, the princess herself, Pebbles.

Untitled design 23

The true lover of the world. Pebbles is needy but in the best way possible. She just wants to be loved all the time and, in return, will give you all her love. Her fur is unbelievably soft – so soft – softer than a baby’s foot.

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Pebbles also loves food and not just cat food. She will try to eat your [human] meal right off your pate. She may be worse than a dog when it comes to begging, but it would make sense because she thinks she is a dog. This cat actually fetches – yes you read that right; Pebbles fetches.

She loves when more humans come over. Pebbles likes to sit and watch what all the other humans are doing and loves to be the center of attention. She also has a protective instinct about her, always wanting to protect her humans, especially her mom and dad.

pebbles only

Her favorite game is shadows. Pebbles loves to chase and jump for shadows on the wall. Like her brother [Rafiki], she also loves the laser pointer.

The meow that comes out of Pebble’s body is so obnoxious. She is so dainty but her meow is far from lady-like. You can’t help but giggle when you hear it.

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Pebbles is also a great sleeper. She sleeps with her humans all night long and even crawls under the covers when it gets too cold. Her sleeping positions are quite odd and very human-like.

There is no other cat like Pebbles which is what makes her so unique. She’s beautiful on the inside and out.

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Due to the new Department of Transportation (DOT) policy, Emotional Support Animals are NO longer allowed to fly in airplane cabins for free. However, Psychiatric Service Dogs are eligible.


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