The New Royal Dogs of Buckingham Palace

The New Royal Dogs of Buckingham Palace

The reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II was memorable for many reasons, but among the most predominant was her love for dogs. Over the years, she had more than 30 loyal pooches, two of whom became relatively famous. Now that she’s passed, both her Corgis and their Dorgi sibling reside with Prince Andrew in Windsor. He’s also taken over the care of her small cocker spaniel, who only joined the others in the last calendar year. While many are sad to see Sandy, Muick, Candy and Lissy retire from the royal spotlight, King Charles III and his wife are bringing their own little dogs to the throne, and many are also excited to welcome the new royal dogs!

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Meet The New Royal Fur-Children

Charles and Camila’s dogs are two cute Jack Russell terriers named Bluebell and Beth. Both of the pups were adopted from the (now) monarch and Queen consort in 2017, from London-based Battersea Dog and Cats Home. The rescue organization specializes in re-homing stray felines and canines in need. Beth was brought home first and needed a furry companion, resulting in Bluebell’s adoption soon after. 

In the past, Camilla has openly discussed Bluebell’s harrowing condition before she was rescued by Battersea and nursed back to life. During an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, she mentioned that the little dog was found “wandering about in woods, no hair on her, covered in sores, virtually dead.” With the help of Battersea, however, Bluebell made a full recovery; ultimately joining Charles, Camila, and Beth as part of the family.

The New Royal Dogs of Buckingham Palace
📷 : Clarence House (IG)

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Ruff Transitions

While there’s no denying that Bluebell and Beth are adorable, Jack Russell terriers aren’t what most picture as typical dogs of the monarch. For starters, they aren’t purebred. In fact, they’ll be the first rescue dogs in history to live their lives as royals. And since the Corgi-loving, former Queen Elizabeth was seated on the royal throne for the last 70 years, the terriers are going up against a breed that held the position for multiple decades. For many, this makes the transition feel all that much more monumental. 

Another huge change people have to get used to is the Jack Russell terrier’s big personality. When thinking of the characteristics of royalty, terms like poise, regality, and sovereignty pop into mind. While Corgis fall smack in the middle when it comes to things like playfulness, Jack Russell terriers are more renowned for their scrappy natures.  

The New Royal Dogs of Buckingham Palace

With their boundless energy and extremely excitable nature, they’ve always been pegged as a feistier breed. One of the fastest and most energetic dogs we’ve seen to date, the term ‘small but mighty’ describes them quite well. As someone who grew up with her own Jack Russell terrier, I can confirm that their energy levels and mischievousness far outweigh their tiny size. Mine was an expert escape artist, who often took hours to catch once he was off-leash outside. One particular time, he even followed me five blocks to my school, proceeded to freely run around the gymnasium, and then somehow snuck into my classroom before being scooped up! 

So are these little rascals up for the royalty challenge? According to professionals like veterinary surgeon (and FiveBarks consultant) Dr. Linda Simon, though Jack Russell terriers are considered more rambunctious, they also have more in their favor than the naysayers may realize. It remains to be seen yet, but there may be some hidden advantages to explore. Shall we?

All Bark and No Bite

When it comes to introducing a new breed to Buckingham Palace, Dr. Simon feels Jack Russell terriers fit well. These fox-hunting dogs have a lot of endurance, as well as a strong will to work. It’s likely their high energy is partially responsible for their (usually) upbeat demeanors. They’re not only known as a happier breed, but a much healthier one. As long as they have enough playtime and proper stimulation, their hyperactive natures tend to level out. And like their Corgi predecessors, their smaller stature tends to make people more comfortable in crowded, public settings. 

Jack Russell terriers also share a key trait with Welsh Corgis: both breeds are known as big barkers! It may surprise readers to know that the royal staff, the Kennel Club, and others in the royal family weren’t always keen on their presence due to the yapping and nipping. Regardless, it has been reported that they were “non-negotiable” as far as the Queen was concerned. If Muick and Sandy (and the royal Corgis there before them) were able to win over hearts and become such beloved mascots for Buckingham Palace, there isn’t any doubt that Bluebell and Beth can (and will) do the same. 

The New Royal Dogs of Buckingham Palace

Powerful Perspective

Change can be a challenge, but it can also be a catalyst, helping fuel progression and spark new ways of thinking about the world around us. Branching out from standard “palace pooch” criteria not only counteracts stigmas about Jack Russell terriers, but helps drive home the message that training and responsible dog ownership can be useful for all breeds. I can’t wait to see what the future holds; not just for just Bluebell and Beth, but their entire breed.  

Being in charge of an entire nation must be a rewarding, yet stressful postion. Don’t you think? There is much to be said about the benefits of animals in managing mental health and improving overall wellbeing. It is no secret that King Charles and Camila are further along in age, but with those years comes much wisdom. We believe the couple has great insight to how furry companions can keep one healthier in mind, body, and soul. There is no doubt that Queen Elizabeth passed on this valuable knowledge through her own example, and we just love it! Dogs in the royal bloodline is a blessed tradition of England’s history.

The New Royal Dogs of Buckingham Palace
📷 : Bettmann Archive (Young Queen Elizabeth II)

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