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Introducing the
I Train Academy service dog training

If you’ve ever seen a well behaved dog in a public place, chances are that dog has gone through extensive training. Dog training is expensive, especially Service Dog training. Not anymore…

American Service Pets partnered with
celebrity trainer Jas Leverette
to bridge the gap between this elite Service Dog training and those who need it by making it easy,
efficient, affordable and 100% online!


No prerequisites required. No breed restrictions.

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Under the ADA: Service Animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or
perform tasks for people with disabilities.

The dog must be well-
behaved and under the control of its handler.

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Is Training
Required By Law?

Don't Get Caught Impersonating
a Service Animal

We have all seen those “Service Dogs” around malls, airports, and restaurants – barking, growling, jumping, snapping or even biting.

Just because a dog is wearing a vest with a patch does not mean it is a Service Dog.


It is a crime to fraudulently claim your pet as a Service Dog without training, but now
elite training is coming right to your home!

what will you learn?

Everything you need to train your dog to be a Service Animal

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Discover how to engage your dog to get them ready to learn. Activate your dog for training like a professional.

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Learn to connect words and movements to motivate your dog into action. Engage your dog in the game of training.

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Training Tools

When training, the right tools make it easy. It might surprise you, but many of these tools you probably already have.

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Overcoming Distraction

Obedience training in the midst of distractions transforms your dog from a good dog to a great dog. Learn how to do this for your dog at home.

Dog Socialization Icon


Socialization training is critical. This training teaches you how to manage your dog's aggression and temperament in public.

Dog Agility Icon


Agility training teaches you and your dog the principles of how to handle your dog in an airplane or at a restaurant.

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Behavior Modification

All dogs are different. Learn how to change your dog’s behavior in a way they understand and respond to.

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Problem Solving

Understand the primary problem solving techniques when you face training obstacles and how you and your dog can overcome them together.

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Service Dog Tasks

Learn specific Psychiatric Service Dog training tasks. Train your dog to aid you with anxiety, depression, PTSD, or other issues.

Individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental health disability and are seeking a holistic path for management of symptoms and assistance with everyday tasks and activities!

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Bipolar Disorder

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
Panic Attacks

JAS LEVERETTE, head shot


Jas Leverette has over 20 years of professional dog training experience. His unique training programs have propelled him to the top.

Jas is the founder of Cali K9 and the personal dog trainer to the stars. A-list celebrity
dog owners such as Steph Curry, LeBron James, Ellen
DeGeneres, Drake, and Demi Moore have all trusted Jas to train their dogs.

Jas is also the star of the recent Netflix series, Canine Intervention. Most recently Jas’ partnership with American Service Pets’ I Train Academy has allowed him to help people all over the US train their own Service Dogs.
Jas has trained for some of the
biggest celebrities in the world!
Now it’s your turn to train with Jas!
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Our course material is used to train all types of dogs. I Train Academy gives you the skills you need to become your own Service Dog trainer!
As a certified I Train Academy graduate you will get certificates in both obedience and Service Dog task training. With a Service Dog trained to perform a specific task to aid you with a disability you are protected under the ADA.
American Service Pets Training Certificate
Don't Take Our Word! Take Theirs!
I Train Academy Graduates
Guy talking with his Dog

Clement and Billie,
St. Louis MO

2 Reviews

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We love I Train Academy! When we first adopted our dog Billie she had several obedience issues – we weren’t sure where to start. Following the I Train training method through Jas’ guidance we saw a huge change in our dog. Billie no longer reacts to dogs (even the small ones which are the trickiest…) and attentively listens to our commands. It’s like we got a brand new dog! While there is always still more to train and work on we feel more than well prepared thanks to I Train Academy!
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Man kissing his dog

Chase and Dante,
Oakland, CA

1 Reviews

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Brought a very “challenging” Cane Corso pup for training as I wanted to use him as a service animal, but I was afraid I would never be able to. Luckily, I Train Academy does an amazing job not only showing me how to train my dog effectively, but educating me on my dog’s behavior and the theory behind their technique. My wife and I are always impressed by how much progress Dante makes in just 15 minutes a day. Now we are learning our second PSA task and he is like a brand new dog!
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Woman holding her dog

Claire and Argentino,
Albany, NY

3 Reviews

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I found I Train Academy when I was looking for someone to help assist me in training my dog who was a puppy at the time. I was incredibly skeptical to online training, but Jas’ method seemed legit and I was willing to give it a shot since it was significantly cheaper than anything else I had found. After a month I was blown away at my dog Argentino’s progress, and this program has been pivotal in the training of my service dog.

Argentino was able to pass his CGC (canine good citizen) at 6 months of age and my life is so much easier with Argentino by my side

Thank you I Train Academy, this was a game changer!
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Customer with her dog

Hannah and Koda,
San Clemente CA

2 reviews

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“I’ve suffered from excruciating anxiety for most of my adult life. Panic attacks became an almost daily occurrence, and I tried everything to get them to stop. I don’t even think I realized how debilitating it was until I got my dog Koda, and noticed how much her presence helped me alone. I had never even heard of psychiatric service dog before, I always thought they were just seeing-eye dogs and therapy dogs – and even if a PSA could help me I thought there was no way I could afford the training.

Then when I knew I needed Koda’s support to fly, I found American service pets and got her PSA letter. When I got the letter I was also offered the training, which was a huge relief to me since I knew I was going to otherwise have to spend thousands of dollars to train her in a PSA-related task.

Within a month of using I Train and diligent training, Koda was performing deep pressure therapy (DPT) when I showed signs of a panic attack and she pulled me out of those spells almost instantly. I was blown away! It was like everything changed. Now I can travel with her, my anxiety is improving, and I know I am not a slave to my illness as long as she is with me. I owe everything to American Service Pets and I Train Academy!”
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Customer with his puppy

Kenny and Scooby,
Los Angeles CA

2 Reviews

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My puppy needed some training desperately. He was eating my notebook I use for work and driving me up the wall. We took classes at the local humane society and his vet, which were great for his foundation – but he started to be a bit reactive and I was feeling like I couldn’t even handle him on a walk. A friend who has a PSA told me about I Train and their Obedience training so we signed up and off we went.

My dog was extremely receptive to the training, I became more confident with the tools I Train Academy taught me, and it was a great bonding experience for me and my dog.

My big boy has overcome being reactive to other dogs in a social setting, he listens and continues to learn, as do I. Thank you so much Jas and I Train.
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Shaina and Kevin,
Chicago, IL

2 Reviews

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If I could give six stars, I would. I am so glad I found I Train Academy. I am in the middle of training right now and I never thought I could do this myself. I have a Siberian Husky that I rescued out of the shelter that they are helping me train to be my service dog its going great. The classes are bite sized and easy to understand, and the homework sheets are super helpful to print out as a reminder to put in my 15 minutes a day. Kevin’s progress is incredible, thank you Jas and I Train!
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Q: How do I know this is legit?

A: American Service Pets has partnered with Jas Leverette to create the ADA compliant I Train Academy curriculum. Jas is a professional dog trainer with over 20 years of experience, the founder of Cali K9 Board and Train centers, the personal dog trainer to the celebrities and the stars, and the host of Canine Intervention on Netflix. A-list celebrity dog owners such as Steph Curry, LeBron James, Ellen DeGeneres, Drake, and Demi Moore have all trusted Jas to train their dogs, and his unique training method is recognized all over the world.

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Q: What is the difference between a Psychiatric Service Dog and an Emotional Support Animal?

A: Under the ADA, a Psychiatric Service Animal (PSA) is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. Unlike an Emotional Support Animal whose mere presence provides comfort with no training required, a Psychiatric Service Dog is trained to perform task(s) that must be directly related to the person's diagnosed disability. Emotional Support Animals are not considered Service Animals and do not have protection under the ADA.

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Q: What will I learn in I Train Academy?

A: I Train Academy covers both obedience training and Psychiatric Service Cog related tasks. Before your PSA can begin learning any task pertaining to your disability, you must have a firm foundation of obedience. The first half of this course covers obedience training - ignition, temperament, sit, heel, rewards, distractions, socialization and much more. Once your dog has completed the first section, you can then move on to the PSA task-related portion of the training where we outline common PSA tasks like Notification, Reminders, Assistive Activities, Interruption or Distraction, Barrier or Protective Guarding and Deep Pressure Therapy.

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Q: What tools do I need to train my dog?

A: For this training you will need one or two leashes, high value training treats, toys, something to use as a platform or "box" and a good attitude!

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Q: Is there a minimum monthly commitment?

A: While there is no monthly commitment, this training should take you a few months at minimum to complete, and then a few more to reinforce.

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Q: When will my dog be considered a service dog?

A: Service Dogs for people with psychiatric disabilities are specially trained to perform tasks that mitigate a person’s disability. Some examples of tasks Psychiatric Service Dogs perform include alerting a handler before a panic attack or other episode occurs, interrupting repetitive or self-harming behaviors, waking a handler from nightmares, guiding an individual to a trusted support person or out of a place of business, and retrieving medication.
If your dog has successfully learned a behavior/task that helps mitigate your disability, then it is considered a Service Animal.

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Q: Do I have to show a business a doctor’s letter or documentation of my Service Dog?

A: No, you are not required by law to show any type of documents to a business. You are required to answer questions about the Service Animal. Businesses may ask you whether or not the Service Dog is indeed a Service Dog. They may also ask you what tasks they are trained to perform. They CANNOT ask you about your disability.

However, if your dog is misbehaving, they can ask you to leave on the grounds of disruption.

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Q: Why just 15 minutes a day?

A: Training with your dog is just like training a muscle group. You cannot rush through training in a week and expect to be able to see a massive change in abilities. Fifteen minutes a day is more than enough time with your dog to build muscle memory and reinforce the concepts that make a world-class Service Dog.

Everything You Need to Train a World-Class Service Dog

This new 100% online training reveals all the secrets expert trainers use to train world class Service Dogs without the stress or headaches — or spending thousands of dollars.

However, this training normally costs over $40,000 and does not create the bond between you and your dog that is so pivotal in this process. That’s why we created I Train Academy, to bridge the gap between world-class Service Dog training and accessibility for those who genuinely need it.
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