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How Much Would You Pay to Clone Your Pet?

Losing a pet is always devastating and it feels as if we did not have enough time with them. Well, what if I told you that you can have a carbon copy clone of our pet, to have the same exact dogs, just years apart?

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Sally, the Cloned Golden Doodle

For one Arizona family, that dream became a reality when they cloned their golden doodle, Sally.The two dogs were “born” twelve years apart and share the same exact DNA.

The clone, named “Peppermint Patty” was made possible by ViaGen Pets; the nation’s leading pet cloning experts. This intricate process is done by the use of a biopsy kit.

ViaGen Pets send this kit to your vet to collect sampled from your pet, to then send them back to ViaGenfor frozen storage until the owners decide it is time to clone the specimen.

The specimen can remain on ice for 5, 10, 12, 15 or even 20 years before the owners decide to move forward in the cloning process.

Now, animals have been cloned for a while now, mostly for agricultural industries, but now the process is available to pet owners, but at a hefty cost.

Up to this point, the most clonings ViaGen has seen are for dogs and horses, but cats and other animals can be cloned as well.

For a horse- the current cost is $85,000,for a dog $50,000,and a cat$35,000. So unless you’ve got quite a large chunk of money laying around, this process may not be feasible for you.

That being said, with the increasing popularity of pet cloning, this price is expected to drop in the future, and ViaGen Petsis offering the storage of tissues for around $1,600as a compromise.

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Many see this as the same as freezing one’s eggs…. a process for good measure in case it is needed at a later date.

Would you clone your pet? We know that many cannot afford this luxury, so why not at least take your pet with you wherever you go to get the most out of your time together?

We have partnered with American Service Petsto offer our readers just that.

American Service Petsis gifting 25% off of your Emotional Support Animal Letterto keep you and your pet together, because they know that you are #strongertogether.

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