How to Get Your Emotional Support Animal Certification
in Virginia

Virginia ESA Letter

Having your pet legally recognized as an Emotional Support Animal is a life-changing experience because it limits the discrimination you’ll experience due to your reliance on this animal. This recognition comes in the form of a letter from a licensed healthcare professional.

There is a process for receiving certification for your Emotional Support Animal in Virginia, though. American Service Pets helps people get those letters. Qualify for your Virginia ESA letter now.

How Emotional Support Animal Can Benefit You

Suffering from an emotional or mental condition can be an overwhelming experience for many. Individuals who have an animal that helps them through these tough times will benefit from ESA certification because it will:

Help Treat A Condition

One of the main benefits of Emotional Support Animals is that they can help with panic disorders, anxiety, and other conditions. Keeping your ESA close to you when suffering from a bout of panic or anxiety can ensure it doesn’t take over your life and limit the effect it has on your psyche.

Support Mental Health

You can provide support for mental illnesses like depression, PTSD, and specific phobias with an ESA, too. These animals provide the support you might need to continue moving on with your life. Some people also receive assistance from their ESA as they deal with gender issues and sexual disorders.

Offer Companionship

It sounds simple, but an Emotional Support Animal provides companionship to prevent issues like separation anxiety from taking control. Those who struggle to meet new people can also use their ESA as an icebreaker when interacting in a new location.

Your Emotional Support Animal in Virginia can provide you with endless benefits, as having a companion around to offer support when you need it the most is incredibly important. American Service Pets can help you receive the certification you need to take advantage of these positives. Fill out our questionnaire to see if an Emotional Support Animal or Psychiatric Service Animal (PSA) would work best for you.

Emotional Support Animal Laws in Virginia

Virginia states that an animal providing companionship or emotional support does not qualify as a service animal. Most guidelines allowing exceptions for animals in the state are only applicable to service dogs, including PSDs, so there’s very little protecting ESA rights.

Housing Laws in Virginia

The primary protection you’ll receive through your ESA letter in Virginia relates to housing. There is no state law, but the Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to discriminate against any tenant who requires an Emotional Support Animal. This law even holds true in buildings where pets are prohibited.

Certified Virginia ESA in owner's apartment
The rights of Virginia ESAs in public places

ESAs in Public Places

Virginia doesn’t have laws protecting your ability to bring your ESA with you into public areas such as restaurants, retailers, malls. The decision lies with the owner of these establishments. You are bound by the same rules and regulations as a typical pet owner in the state when it comes to state and national parks.

Work Laws

Employers are well within their rights to prevent you from bringing your ESA to work. This decision will come down to company policy, and there’s little you can do unless your pet qualifies as a PSD in the future.

Work Place Virginia ESA
ESA pet owners walking her dog to a public railway

Laws While Traveling

Air travel with an ESA from Virginia depends on the airline’s policy. The Department of Transportation (DOT) updated travel laws in 2020 that prevent Emotional Support Animals from flying in the cabin. You’ll need to check with your airline before traveling for insight into their rules. 

More Than One Support Animal

Those with more than one ESA will need certification for each animal. These animals will all need to be added to the international database, too.

Your Virginia ESA in the Other States

Your Emotional Support Animal certification letter from Virginia is applicable in other states. Keep in mind that Virginia doesn’t have any state laws offering you support, so you could have additional rights in other parts of the country. Federal guidelines apply everywhere.

Knowing the laws can prevent you from running into trouble later on, despite having a letter certifying your Emotional Support Animal in Virginia. American Service Pets makes the entire application process straightforward, saving you time. 

3 Steps to Get Your ESA Letter For Your Emotional Support Animal in Virginia

You’ll have to follow a quick process to get your Emotional Support Animal certification letter in Virginia. It doesn’t take long and is well worth the effort because of the advantages it provides.

Fill Out The Questionnaire

Start the process by filling out a quick questionnaire that provides insight into your eligibility. Answer the questions as honestly as possible to keep the process moving smoothly. There’s a chance the survey will inform you that a PSD would work best in your situation, too.

Get Approval

You’ll then fill out your application form to receive approval from a licensed healthcare professional. American Service Pets allows you to submit the documents online, where a doctor can review them immediately. You will receive your certificate in your inbox within a matter of minutes.

Register For The Directory

There’s an international directory of Emotional Support Animals, and you’ll want to ensure your animal is on it. American Service Pets will put your animal in the database, so officials can access this information no matter where in the world you travel.

Receiving your ESA letter through American Service Pets is incredibly easy because we take care of everything for you. Roughly 95% of our applicants receive approval, so fill out our questionnaire today to see if you qualify. 

American Service Pets is Here For You

Anyone who is dealing with emotional or mental problems can benefit by receiving their ESA letter in Virginia. American Service Pets streamlines this process for you by:

Emotional Support Dog in California

Take your first step by filling out our questionnaire to see if you’re eligible for an ESA letter. You can then receive your certification and begin enjoying the endless benefits of having an Emotional Support Animal by your side in Virginia. If you have additional questions before applying, call us at (804) 203-2152 to speak to a real person.

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Attention: Due to the new Department of Transportation (DOT) policy, Emotional Support Animals are NO longer allowed to fly in airplane cabins for free. However, Psychiatric Service Dogs are eligible. Click here to see if you qualify.