How to Get Your Emotional Support Animal Letter
in Utah

How to get your pet certified as an Emotional Support Animal in Utah

People recovering from psychological trauma often need their pets for emotional support, but not all landlords are accommodating. Federal and state laws provide some rights to pet owners who certify their pets as Emotional Support Animals (ESA). This provides protection from rental property pet rules and fees under the federal Fair Housing Act.

American Service Pets helps people get the certification they need for rental housing and public access. Certifying your pet as an Emotional Support Animal in Utah can also fulfill workplace and travel requirements. Pet deposits and extraneous fees no longer apply. Find out if you qualify for an Emotional Support Animals letter with our simple test.

The Purpose of Emotional Support Animals

Utah state law respects the necessity of Emotional Support Animals for people recovering from emotional trauma in some circumstances and protects the owners’ rights. These animals can be any animal that you feel a bond with, and that helps you cope with tricky life situations.. Utah only recognizes dogs as service animals.

ESAs are the key to an everyday functioning life for people who experience mental disorders because of their many advantages. Here are some of the most beneficial aspects of certifying your support animal:

Naturopathic Therapy

The benefits of living with an animal are not breaking news. We have long known that having a pet has unique rewards that aren’t unlike some benefits of depression medicines. More Americans than ever have been turning to a more natural approach to health ailments to avoid risks associated with drugs and pills. Certified Emotional Support Animals are natural medicine for PTSD, depression, and stress-related issues. Animals also inspire play and activity, another health boost.

Authentic Comfort

Emotional trauma causes long-lasting problems. It’s easy to find yourself trapped in a negative thought pattern or doubting your self-worth. Add in the regular stressors of everyday life, and you might find yourself with a bad case of anxiety. Merely interacting with an animal you love lowers blood pressure, heart rate and reduces stress.

Happiness Booster

Caring for an animal you love raises levels of serotonin and dopamine, natural mood enhancers. They make you laugh, ease loneliness, and provide comfort. In short, they make you feel good. People going through a hard time finding caring for a pet breaks the negative thought chain and provides a space for happiness to break through. 

There are aspects of personal and social life that people with emotional disorders have trouble navigating without the support of their animals. American Service Pets provides a fast and easy way for pet owners to get certification in less than a half-hour, in most cases.

Take the test to see if you qualify for a Utah ESA letter letter now. 

Emotional Support Animals Laws in Utah

The law recognizes Emotional Support Animals as companions that provide support and comfort. They cannot save lives or aid the disabled as service animals. Service animals and Emotional Support Animals serve different purposes and are afforded other rights under the law. 

Emotional Support Animals have certain protections under the law, but only if their owners have an authentic certification from a licensed Utah medical professional. Official letters are accepted all over the country, but specific stipulations vary from state to state. Check state laws before you do any traveling.

Housing Laws

Tenants with support animals have equal access to rental housing in Utah under the Fair Housing Act. Landlords may not turn them down for housing, evict them, or ask for a pet deposit. A landlord may ask for a tenant’s ESA letter. Any tenant who presents fraudulent documents is risking legal penalties.

Emotional Support Animal in Utah at Apartment Complex
Girl at a Utah Public Park with her Emotional Support Animal

Public Places

Emotional Support Animals in Utah have no right to public access. Trained service animals are allowed in public places, but only if there is no health or safety risk involved. Utah leaves the final decision to the owners of the establishment.

Workplace Laws

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects the rights of the disabled to use a service dog at work. Some people cannot do their job without them. Utah does not support the use of Emotional Support Animals under this act. Obtaining an ESL certification could be the distinguishing factor you need. Employers may change their minds if the animal is small and well-behaved.

Emotional Support Animal in Utah at Private Workplace
Travel Laws for Emotional Support Animals in Utah

Travel Laws

Emotional Support Animals are not guaranteed access to public transportation in Utah, including buses, trains, and ride-share services. The DOT has banned Emotional Support Animals in the cabins of airplanes as of 2020. Pet owners will need to check with the airline to learn their policies.

Understanding the laws in Utah will ensure you and your ESA aren’t turned away at some locations. American Service Pets is proud to offer an easy three-step process to provide Emotional Support Animals certification letters to Colorado residents.

How to Get Certified for an Emotional Support Animal in Utah

American Service Pets has a quick and easy process to get certified for an Emotional Support Animal. It’s just three simple steps:

Fill Out the Questionnaire

Answer the American Service Pets questionnaire to find out if you’re qualified for an Emotional Support Animals letter in just a few minutes.

Doctor’s Approval

American Service Pets lets you choose to submit your file to a Utah state-licensed doctor for approval and authorization or find your own. There are doctors available 24/7. Most requests are approved within minutes and sent to your email address. 

Add Your Pet to the National Directory

Adding your pet to the national directory provided by American Service Pets is a critical part of the process. It provides an online profile that shows your pet’s status and certification letter.

Get certified for your support animal today. American Service Pets accepts approximately 95% of applicants within a half-hour. Certification is sent to your email address right away. Fill out our survey to see if you qualify.

The American Service Pets Advantage

American Service Pets has helped more than 45,000 owners validate the status of their Emotional Support Animals. Here’s why we are the service you need:

How to get your pet certified as an Emotional Support Animal in Utah

Answer a few simple questions to get your pet certified as an Emotional Support Animals in Utah today. Get on the fast track to enjoying all your pet has to offer without the worry of repercussions. If you have additional questions before applying and would like to speak to a real person, call us at (385) 200-2234.

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Attention: Due to the new Department of Transportation (DOT) policy, Emotional Support Animals are NO longer allowed to fly in airplane cabins for free. However, Psychiatric Service Dogs are eligible. Click here to see if you qualify.