How to Get Your Emotional Support Animal Certification
in Nevada

get certified for your emotional support animal in Nevada

Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and a furry friend is an excellent source of relief. This is even more true for people managing the symptoms of emotional disorders. An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) helps its owners through these emotionally demanding times. 

These special animals provide comfort and support when signs of their owner’s emotional or sensory disorders appear. There are state and federal laws to protect them in certain instances, but there’s also some public resistance. That’s why recognizing these animals for their vital health benefits is so important.

Finding pet-friendly rental housing and other establishments in Nevada isn’t always easy. Landlords and business owners can be sticklers regarding pet rules, regardless of their accepted therapeutic incentives. Tenants may deal with eviction and correlating costs without appropriate documentation for their ESA, and business owners can also deny admittance.

The Fair Housing Act allows people with emotional disorders to house a support animal in their rental unit if the owner has a Nevada ESA letter. American Service Pets can help them get that authorization. Find out if you qualify now

The Benefits Of Having An Emotional Support Animal

Most Emotional Support Animals are dogs because they’re highly trainable, but ESAs can be any species that brings relief in problematic situations. Miniature horses can qualify as comfort animals in Nevada too. ESAs provide a slew of rewards, including:

Genuine Support & Comfort

ESAs deliver the sense of serenity and safety essential to make it through uncomfortable moments. Mingling with animals can help remove overpowering stress from daily problems.

Relief From Loneliness

Support animals successfully combat loneliness and increase the happiness hormones, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, according to the National Institutes of Health. They are also a guaranteed way to start conversations and meet people when visiting Nevada’s pet-friendly establishments. 

Holistic Medicine

Pharmaceutical medication is typically how people treat symptoms of emotional disorders, such as anxiety and panic attacks, but comfort animals are also recognized as an effective treatment. ESAs work as a holistic medicine by boosting mood, offering reassurance, and assuaging loneliness without medications. 

Physical Rehabilitation

People recovering from physical ailments, such as heart attacks, addiction, stroke, or severe injury, can find a loyal support system in their ESA during the healing process. They boost morale and keep you entertained. 

American Service Pets helps pet owners coping with emotional issues register for theirs.

Find out if you qualify for a Nevada ESA letter today. 

Nevada ESA Laws

ESAs provide security, comfort, and camaraderie but aren’t trained to perform lifesaving duties, such as sense blood sugar levels dropping, alert to a seizure, or divert a panic attack. Official service and Psychiatric Service Animals are the only animals professionally trained to provide these focused services. 

The different duties of these animals provide their owners separate legal freedoms. Here are some fundamental Nevada laws:

Housing Laws

The Federal Fair Housing Act and Nevada housing laws forbid landlords from evicting any renter because they own a support animal.  They can’t call for a pet deposit or impose extra charges on any renter with an ESA. 

Landlords have the legal right to view the authorized ESA letter and ask what service the animal provides. They may not, however, inquire about the nature of the disability or any related symptoms. Landlords also have the right to turn away tenants if their comfort animal is destructive, not house-trained, or causes a financial burden on the landlord.

Housing Laws For Emotional Support Animals in Nevada
Public Access Laws in Nevada for Emotional Support Animals

Public Places

Nevada business owners make their own rulings concerning ESAs in their establishments. There’s no law requiring business owners to consent to these animals as there is with landlords. Comfort animals are allowed access to any establishment that allows pets, including:

  • Beaches
  • Malls
  • Theaters
  • Tourist attractions
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores


Calling ahead before you visit with your qualified animal is a smart idea. Understand the rules before you go to help prevent any upsetting circumstances.

Workplace Laws

Nevada law doesn’t force employers to allow Emotional Support Animals in their establishment. Obtaining an official ESA letter approved by a licensed Nevada therapist can be the defining factor with a compassionate employer. It helps if the ESA is quiet, small, and house-trained.

Workplace Laws for Emotional Support Animals in Nevada
Travel Laws for Nevada ESAs

Travel Laws

The Department of Transportation changed its formal travel guidelines in 2020 to revoke the right to an ESA in-cabin without payment. Airlines thus make their own rules involving in-cabin support animals, and most apply standard pet rules to them. A safe plan would be to check with the airline, so you know before you reach the airport.

Nevada doesn’t grant ESAs access to public transportation, which includes:

  • Buses
  • Subways
  • Rideshare apps
  • Railcars
  • Trams

Nevada Emotional Support Animals are allowed to stay in their owners’ homes, a right many residents consider the most important. American Service Pets has helped many Nevadans validate the status of their ESA. 

How to Obtain an Emotional Support Animal Certification Letter in Nevada

American Service Pets believes owners have the right to enjoy the benefits of an ESA, so we’ve simplified the qualification process. Here’s how to do it:

Fill Out the Questionnaire

It takes approximately three minutes to answer the American Service Pets questionnaire to determine your eligibility. 

Get a Doctor’s Approval

We help you submit your file to a licensed, state-approved doctor for authorization. Doctors are always available, and most requests are approved within minutes. Letters are emailed immediately.

Add Your Pet to the International Directory

Your pet gets an online profile on the national directory that shows its status and ESA letter for public view.

American Service Pets has assisted in qualifying over 45,000 pet owners nationwide. As many as 95% of applicants are eligible for Nevada ESA approval letters. See if you qualify in just a few minutes.

Benefits of American Service Pets

American Service Pets assists applicants in getting the documentation they need for their Emotional Support Animal. Here are some key aspects that make us a good choice in Nevada:

Certify Your Pet As An Emotional Support Animal in Nevada with American Service Pets

Now is your chance to secure the physical and psychological rights of owning your ESA. An official ESA letter will legalize your therapeutic relationship.

Allow Us to Help Get Your ESA Approved

Gaining legal approval for your ESA is a fabulous feeling, but not everyone shares your happiness. Encourage resistant landlords and others to understand this vital connection with an ESA letter. Answer the five questions on our questionnaire today and you’ll be on your way to getting qualified — usually on the same day — for an Emotional Support Animal in Nevada.

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Attention: Due to the new Department of Transportation (DOT) policy, Emotional Support Animals are NO longer allowed to fly in airplane cabins for free. However, Psychiatric Service Dogs are eligible. Click here to see if you qualify.