How to Get Your Emotional Support Animal Certification
in Indiana

How to get an Emotional Support Animal Certification in Indiana

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is a great comfort to anyone coping with emotional or psychological maladies. Their comfort animals boost happiness hormones and relief from loneliness, along with a potent form of natural health care that successfully manages symptoms of emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Recognition of the vast array of health benefits these animals provide is vital.

The search for rental housing or public establishments that accept pets in Indiana can be challenging. Landlords can be sticklers for pet rules. Tenants can find themselves facing time-consuming court proceedings and the hefty fees that accompany them if they don’t have proper documentation for their support animal.

Laws empower tenants to live with an ESA in their rental unit in Indiana if they have legal approval. American Service Pets assists tenants in obtaining authorization for their animal. See if you qualify for an Indiana ESA letter today below.

Top 4 Benefits of an ESA

Qualified Emotional Support Animals are any animal that provides comfort during times of emotional stress. Most are dogs, but there are plenty of comfort animals: cats, hamsters, birds, and even fish. They are helpful to people who sometimes have trouble getting through their day due to emotional overload. They also provide some additional benefits, such as:

Authentic Love & Care

Emotional Support Animals provide buckets of love and loyalty that help owners through emotional troubles. Just hanging out with an ESA can help alleviate everyday stressors.

Relief From Loneliness

Social relationships have a significant impact on mental health. Support animals do their best work as loyal companions. Sharing your life with one can make you feel less lonely and more connected to your outside environment. 

Natural Healthcare

An ESA can have a calming effect when you’re dealing with everyday pressure and help keep emotions under control during high-stress situations. It’s a rewarding option for anyone who prefers to steer clear of prescription drugs to treat stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional troubles.

Physical Rehabilitation

The recovery process is a little easier when you have an ESA by your side. People recovering from broken bones, stroke, and addiction can find comfort and support in their animals. Comfort animals boost your spirits and morale when you’re feeling low.

Life is stressful for everyone at times. American Service Pets helps pet owners coping with emotional challenges register for their ESA.  

Find out if you qualify for an Indiana ESA certification letter today. 

Indiana ESA Laws

Emotional Support Animals come in all sorts and sizes with myriad benefits, from health to comedic relief. They can’t, however, save lives, deliver medicine, or sense a panic attack coming. Only Psychiatric Service Animals (PSAs) are professionally trained to perform those types of jobs. 

The differences in their capabilities afford their owners separate legal privileges. Here are some key laws in Indiana that apply:

Housing Laws

Landlords in Indiana cannot legally evict anyone for owning an approved Emotional Support Animal, under the federal Fair Housing Act. They may not charge a pet deposit or levy additional fees upon any tenant with an ESA. Landlords have the right to view the authorized ESA letter and know the nature of the disability and how it necessitates a need for a comfort animal. Landlords also have the right to turn away tenants if their ESA is too big, untrained, destructive, or not house-trained.

Housing Laws for ESAs in Indiana
Public Access Laws for ESAs in Indiana

Public Places

Indiana state law leaves the decision to allow access to support animals up to the establishment’s owner. ESAs are allowed access to any establishment that accepts pets in Indiana. This can include:Beaches

  • Malls
  • Theaters
  • Tourist attractions
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores

It’s a good idea to call ahead to any establishment you plan to visit with your ESA. Learning their rules ahead of time can prevent any embarrassing situations.

Employment Laws

Indiana law doesn’t require employers to allow an Emotional Support Animal in their establishment. State legislation does, however, state that employers cannot discriminate and must fully accommodate employees with disabilities. Having an official Indiana ESA letter can go a long way in convincing a compassionate employer to allow access.

Workplace Laws for ESAs in Indiana
Travel Laws for Indiana ESAs

Travel Laws

The Department of Transportation updated the formal travel guidelines in 2020. Airlines are now able to make their own decisions regarding in-cabin support animals. Most have banned this practice and only allow an ESA under regular pet rules. 

Indiana doesn’t permit ESA access to public transportation, which includes:

  • Buses
  • Subways
  • Railcars
  • Trams

It helps to check with any transportation provider while you’re planning a trip, so you know what to expect.

Indiana Emotional Support Animals don’t have as many privileges as in California, for example, but keeping them at home is the most important thing for most people. American Service Pets is excited to offer Hoosiers an opportunity to validate the status of their ESA.

How to Get an ESA Letter in Indiana

American Service Pets understands how crucial these animals are and the importance of their health benefits, so we’ve simplified the process to help even further. Here’s how to do it:

Fill Out the Questionnaire

It takes approximately 3 minutes to answer the American Service Pets questionnaire to determine your eligibility.

Get a Doctor’s Approval

American Service Pets allows you to submit your file to a licensed state-approved doctor for authorization. Doctors are always available, and they approve most requests within 3 to 5 minutes. Letters are emailed immediately.

Add Your Pet to the National Directory

Your pet gets an online pet profile on the national directory that shows its status and ESA letter for public view.

American Service Pets has helped over 45,000 pet owners nationwide legitimize their qualified animals. As many as 95% of applicants are eligible for ESA letters. See if you qualify in a few minutes.

Benefits of American Service Pets

American Service Pets works hard to help applicants get the qualification they need for their support system. Here are some things that make us a good choice for you:

American Service Pets Emotional Support Animal Certifications in Indiana

Now is your chance to secure your rights to the physical and psychological rewards of your ESA. An Indiana ESA letter will legally legitimize your special relationship.

Allow Us to Help Get Your ESA Approved

Finally getting legal approval for your ESA is a fantastic feeling, but not everyone is always on board. Persuade resistant landlords and others of this vital connection with an ESA letter. Answer the five questions on our questionnaire today, and you’ll be on your way to getting qualified — usually on the same day — for an Emotional Support Animal in Indiana.

Attention: Due to the new Department of Transportation (DOT) policy, Emotional Support Animals are NO longer allowed to fly in airplane cabins for free. However, Psychiatric Service Dogs are eligible. Click here to see if you qualify.