How to Certify Your Emotional Support Animal in Florida

The Benefits of an Emotional Support Animal in Florida

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) can make a significant difference in your life. They are often recommended as part of a treatment plan by mental health professionals. When you get an Emotional Support Animal, you’ll need an ESA letter to prove it’s not a pet. This letter ensures you can’t be discriminated against when seeking housing or traveling because of your ESA.

There is a specific process of obtaining a letter for an Emotional Support Animal in Florida. American Service Pets helps people get their letters. Qualify for your Florida ESA Letter now.

How an Emotional Support Animal Can Help You

Those struggling with a disability can often feel hopeless. Having an Emotional Support Animal in Florida can help fill a role that treats your emotional or mental condition. They also offer many benefits, including:

Treating Your Condition

Emotional Support Animals are valuable because of their ability to treat anxiety and panic disorders. Having your ESA around can ensure these conditions don’t become overwhelming, making these animals an essential part of your life moving forward.

Providing Company

Emotional Support Animals can provide company when you need it the most. Some people suffer from separation anxiety when spending long periods alone but having an animal can help. ESAs also act as an icebreaker when meeting new friends in your local area.

Good Mental Health

An ESA provides support as you deal with a mental illness like certain phobias and depression. This animal can also offer support as you work through PTSD and other issues.

There are countless benefits associated with having an ESA in your life, and many people cannot function without them. American Service Pets helps pet owners receive the letter they need to use their furry friends as Emotional Support Animals.

Find out if you qualify for an ESA letter in Florida today.

Florida’s Emotional Service Animal Laws

You should be aware of the laws regarding an Emotional Support Animal in Florida before you begin obtaining a letter. It’s important to remember that ESAs aren’t trained to perform specific tasks, so they have to abide by different laws than service animals.

You must have your letter with you at all times when bringing your Emotional Support Animal with you. It’s also worth noting that your certification in Florida is valid throughout the rest of the country, but the specific laws could be different.

Housing Laws

Federal and Florida law make it illegal for landlords to discriminate against tenants because of their need for an Emotional Support Animal. These animals can live with you as a reasonable accommodation, even if pets aren’t permitted in the building. Landlords aren’t allowed to charge extra pet fees  for the animal either.

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Pet Owner having at a public park with her Emotional Support Animal in Florida

Public Places

There is no obligation for restaurants, retailers, and malls to allow you inside with your Emotional Support Animal. The same goes for public, state, and national parks, as you aren’t permitted to bring your ESA to locations you couldn’t take a traditional pet.

Workplace Laws

There aren’t any workplace laws providing special rights for an Emotional Support Animal in Florida. Your ability to bring your ESA to work is entirely dependent on your employer. The employer has no legal obligation to make reasonable accommodations for you.

Emotional Support Animal at work with her Pet Owner
Traveling with an Emotional Support Animal in Florida

Travel Laws

According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), airlines are no longer required to view ESAs as service animals. ESAs can still travel in the designated holding area, but they are generally not allowed in the cabin. You’ll need to provide your airline with your official certification and inform them of the situation at least 48 hours before departure and provide any additional documentation they require.

Psychiatric Service Animals (PSAs), on the other hand, are considered service animals. To learn more about PSAs, click here.

Using a Florida ESA in Other States

You are permitted to use your Florida ESA in other states. These letters are only protected by federal laws, though, so you might not have the same rights that you would in Florida, depending on the other state’s ESA laws. 

Florida pet owner taking their Emotional Support Animal out of state

Keeping up to date on the laws regarding your Emotional Support Animal in Florida is a good idea because it can prevent you from being turned away from some locations. American Service Pets makes it incredibly easy to apply for your ESA letter in Florida.

3 Steps for Acquiring A Certification Letter for
an Emotional Support Animal in Florida

There’s a process you’ll need to follow to obtain your Emotional Support Animal letter in the state of Florida. The good news is that the process is exceptionally straightforward and won’t take you long at all.

Complete the Questionnaire

The first thing you’ll need to do is fill out an online self-report as honestly as possible. This questionnaire will ensure you’re eligible to have an Emotional Support Animal in Florida and streamline the entire process. You can answer these questions online to make everything quicker.

Receive Approval

The next step is submitting your file for approval through a doctor. American Service Pets allows you to submit your documents 100% online, where a doctor will review them. You will then receive your letter in your email inbox within a matter of minutes.

Add Your Pet to the National Directory

There’s an international directory of Emotional Support Animals, and you’ll need to add your pet to this database. American Service Pets takes care of this part of the process for you, so your pet’s status and letter will be available for an individual or company to verify.

American Service Pets makes getting your pet certified easy. About 95% of applicants are approved for certification, and you can take a quick test beforehand to see if you’re likely to qualify.

American Service Pets is Here to Assist

The goal of American Service Pets is to allow anyone dealing with emotional or mental health struggles to access the benefits of having an ESA. We make the process easy because of our straightforward process:

Get Your Pet Certified as an Emotional Support Animal in Florida Today!

Start by taking our quick questionnaire, which will let you know if you’re eligible for an Emotional Support Animal. From there, you can receive your certification and enjoy the benefits of having an ESA in your life. If you have questions regarding a Florida ESA certificate and would like to speak with a real person, call us at (850) 203-0990.

Attention: Due to the new Department of Transportation (DOT) policy, Emotional Support Animals are NO longer allowed to fly in airplane cabins for free. However, Psychiatric Service Dogs are eligible. Click here to see if you qualify.