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How to Get Your Emotional Support Animal Certification Letter
in Colorado

emotional support animal in Colorado

Finding a place to rent in Colorado with an Emotional Support Animal can be trying, despite laws protecting them. They have become essential to daily living for thousands of Americans, but there are still a few hurdles to jump in Colorado.

Bringing an uncertified Emotional Support Animal into a rental property is grounds for eviction, which can include fees and court costs. Landlords must obey state and federal laws about them, however. They do not enjoy the same rights as service animals (including Psychiatric Service Animals), but they have protection from rental property pet rules under the federal Fair Housing Laws.

American Service Pets helps tenants get the certification they need for rental housing and public access. Pet deposits and extraneous fees no longer apply.

See whether you qualify for a Colorado ESA certification letter with our quick test.

The Value of Emotional Support Animals

The state certifies Emotional Support Animals as a necessary presence for many people battling emotional and psychological trauma. They may be any animal that helps the individual cope with the mentally stressful parts of life, unlike service animals, which are primarily dogs. These animals are an essential part of a normally functioning life for many people. They provide a slew of rewards, both physically and psychologically, including:

Genuine Comfort

Our chaotic world is full of things to be worried about. Add in personal problems like finances and romance, and you might find yourself needing a hug. The simple act of holding an animal you love lowers heart rate and reduces stress.

Holistic Medicine

Many Americans prefer a natural approach to health ailments to avoid risks associated with medications. Certified Emotional Support Animals are natural medicine for depression, stress, and anxiety. Animals also encourage outdoor play, another health boost.

Mood Booster

Emotional Support Animals are some of the best mood boosters on the planet. Caring for a beloved animal raises levels of serotonin and dopamine, natural mood boosters. They make you laugh, ease loneliness, and provide comfort. People going through a hard time often need outside stimulus, like a pet to care for, to break the negative thought chain.

Emotional Support Animals provide a service that many people struggle without. American Service Pets provides pet owners with certification to have one in Colorado. Find out if you qualify for a Colorado ESA certification letter today.

Emotional Support Animal Laws in Colorado

Emotional Support Animals are considered companions, but they don’t perform life saving duties or help disabled people function through life’s daily chores, as service animals do.

Service animals and Emotional Support Animals serve different purposes and are afforded different rights under state and federal law. Emotional support animals have protection under federal and state law, provided they possess the required certification letter from a licensed Colorado medical professional. Official letters are accepted all over the country, but specific stipulations vary from state to state.

Housing Laws

The Fair Housing Act ensures that anyone with an Emotional Support Animal has equal access to housing. No one in Colorado may be turned down for housing, asked to pay a deposit, or evicted from a rental property for having one. Landlords have the right to view any animal’s ESA certification. Tenants who are not certified or present fraudulent certification letters can face prosecution in Colorado. 

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Public Places

Public access is not ensured for Emotional Support Animals in Colorado. Even service animals are denied entrance if they misbehave. Colorado allows only trained service animals public access.

Workplace Laws

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects the rights of the disabled to use a service dog in their place of employment. Colorado does not support the use of Emotional Support Animals under this act. Obtaining an ESL certification for your animal could be the defining factor you need. Many employers have a change of heart, especially if the animal is unobtrusive and well-behaved.

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Travel Laws

Emotional Support Animals are not ensured access to public transportation in Colorado, including buses, trains, and ride-share cars like Uber and Lyft. Most airlines have banned Emotional Support Animals on board airplanes as of 2020 in accordance with The Department of Transportation’s (DOT) new travel laws policy. Pet owners will need to check with their airline to learn their policies. Or you can apply for a Psychiatric Service Animal (PSA) certification letter. Take our easy, three-step pet owner survey to see if you qualify!

American Service Pets is proud to offer an easy three-step process to provide Emotional Support Animal and Psychiatric Service Animal certification letters to Colorado residents. 

How to Get Certified for an Emotional Support Animal in Colorado

American Service Pets delivers a quick and easy process to get certified for an Emotional Support Animal. It involves only three simple steps:

Fill Out the Questionnaire

You can answer the American Service Pets questionnaire to determine if you’re eligible for an emotional support animal certification letter in just a few minutes. 

Get a Doctor’s Approval

American Service Pets lets you choose to submit your file to a licensed doctor for approval and authorization or find your own. There are doctors available 24/7. Most requests are approved within a minute or two and sent to your email address. 

Add Your Pet to the International Directory

Adding your pet to the international directory provided by American Service Pets is a critical part of the process. It provides an online profile that shows your pet’s status and certification letter.

Approximately 95% of applicants qualify for Emotional Support Animal certifications. Get certified today with American Service Pets.

Advantages of American Service Pets

American Service Pets has helped more than 45,000 owners validate the status of their emotional support animals. Here’s why we are the service you need:

Colorado ESA Certification Letter

Our easy certification can end any worries about being separated from your Emotional Support Animal or penalized for having one. Take our 10-question test today to get started.

Nationwide Experts in Emotional Support Animal Certification

You no longer have to endure hassles from those who don’t understand the health benefits of this vital life connection. American Service Pets helps pet owners set aside worries about such issues as rental housing or extra fees for having an Emotional Support Animal in Colorado. Take our test today, and you can get certified for an Emotional Support Animal in less than half an hour. If you have additional questions and would like to speak to a real person, call us at (720) 464-2099.

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