12 Easy DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

12 Easy DIY Dog Costumes for Halloween 2021

Many of us are still hanging on to the last little bits of summer sunshine. Whether we want to embrace it or not, however, Fall is fast approaching! The next few months will bring crisper weather, apple picking, and firepit season. Fall also means that the Halloween holiday is sneaking up for a little boo of enjoyment! Holidays can be such a fun way to include your pets in traditions and memories.

For all of our DIY readers, here is an excellent list of dog costumes that are sure to provide a sweet treat to anyone who lays eyes on them.

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1. Skeleton Painted Dog

Some dogs are not big fans of clothing items, and that’s paw-fectly fine! If your pup has an aversion to loose materials on their delicate fur, this costume may be a great option for you. All you need is some non-toxic, glow-in-the-dark dog paint and a teensy bit of skill. Check out how to make this look happen here

12 Easy DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

2. Bacon & Eggs

Owners and doggos usually go together like… well, bacon and eggs! If you want a joint costume for both you and your furry friend, this is sure to please. You can find out how to make this creative, dynamic duo come together here

3. Ghost Dog

This idea may sound a bit cliche, but we promise it’s a winner! All you need is a white twin-size sheet, some scissors, and a measuring tape to turn your pup into a spooktacular spectacle. The most important part is to mark your spots accurately, so Fido isn’t flying blind or tripping over himself like Casper. Here is a little tutorial that should be of assistance. 

12 Easy DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

4. Rocket Dog

3… 2…. 1 blast off!! This inventive costume will propel your pup to the front of the pack. We all know that dogs frequently display the zoomies, so wouldn’t it be fun to add jet power? Take a look at an easy, out-of-this-world idea to get your dog onto the trick-or-treat trail.

12 Easy DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

5. S’mores Pup

Want to have a little s’more fun this Halloween? Go ahead and jump into the seasonal spirit with a tasty-themed costume for your pup. Who doesn’t love campfires and roasting marshmallows? Everyone will surely fall in love with your gooey little graham cracker if you follow these simple costume instructions

12 Easy DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

6. Hershey Kiss

Since candy IS the best part of Halloween, we thought it best to continue in that direction with our next suggestion. This costume works well if you have a dark brown pup, reminiscent of chocolate, of course! The picture is pretty self-explanatory but go-ahead to the dollar store and stock up on tin foil. Mold it, shape it, and arrange it to fit right on the spot. You can get inventive with the white banner, but we liked Samantha’s simple execution found here.

12 Easy DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

7. Bat Dog

This particular idea works best if you have a black pup, but any variety will do! After all, every dog deserves wings. Feeling adventurous? Dress up as Count Dracula to make this canine costume even more epic. It’s simple and completely effective at accomplishing Halloweenie vibes. Watch out though, your dog might vant to v-lick your face once he becomes… BAT DOG.

12 Easy DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

8. FireFly

This bugalicious costume will get the creative juices flowing for those who like to think outside the box! It requires a little more work, but the end result is totally worth it. You are sure to get a lot of attention as your pup’s wiggle butt shines a path through the neighborhood. Let the world know that your dog lights up your life this Halloween, and send us pictures if you try this one out.

9. Stranger Things Demogorgon Dog

As one of the most popular Netflix series to date, Stranger Things has been gracing us with its mysterious charm for three whole seasons. If you’re a fan, like most of America, then THIS costume is a must. It’s trendy, and it’s fantastic. The linked tutorial it’s a little more complicated, but you could certainly make your Demogorgon come alive with any number of materials (depending upon what’s available to you).

12 Easy DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

10. Cotton Candy Canine

Were you looking for something a little lighter? Look no further! We recommend the splendid wispiness of cotton candy to reject the “tricks” and embrace the “treats.” If you have a dog that brings color into your world, let him shine as a cotton candy canine. You won’t regret those amazing pictures you’ll have to look back on for years to come.

12 Easy DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

11. Martini Dog

Life is fun. Life can also be stressful. Kicking back at night with a cocktail in hand and your dog by your side can work wonders in the relaxation department. That said, what better way to represent your Halloween spirit than to combine those very two things? Introducing the Martini dog! You’re welcome. 


12. Magical Unicorn

Last but not least, we give you the ever-illusive, one-horned creature of enchantment. Ok, so your dog might not be all that enchanted, but anyone who encounters him will be! This costume is sure to be a smashing hit with the kiddos, and even better if you create an entire fairytale theme with the family. Whether alone or accompanied by his royal subjects, Unidog will take home a costume contest prize for total smiles received.

12 Easy DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

That wraps up our top 12 DIY costume suggestions for 2021, but there are hundreds of additional ideas on the interwebs awaiting your consumption. We would be wickedly excited if you shared your unique costumes with us through our social media channels! Tag @americanservicepets on IG and FB with your creations. We love all things animal, so send us your pet costume ideas no matter what species you call friend. And speaking of animal friends, we also love to help keep owners and their pets together furever. If you require an Emotional Support Animal or Psychiatric Service Dog, take our quiz below to see if you qualify.

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