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Dogs and Rabbits: We love them all!

Here at American Service Pets, we are surrounded by pet lovers. Cats, Dogs and….Rabbits. We love ’em all and want to share a little piece of our heart with our ESA family.

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Meet Lolo

Lolo is extremely loyal and quite the dutiful senior. He loves to guard the front door for the family and alert everyone if an intruder is near by. And yes, that includes the mailman. Although his bark sounds intimidating, don’t let it fool you. Lolo is Mr. Snuggles and loves a good belly rub.

It may not look like it, but Lolo likes to think of himself as a true hunter. He’s caught a handful of birds in his life and if a possum sets foot in the backyard, you better bet Lolo will go in for the attack! Trespass if you dare, Lolo has quite the winning streak. 


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Don’t let Lolo’s age fool you…he is still a puppy at heart. His favorite game to play is good ‘ol tug-of-war. Get ready to test your muscles because Lolo is one strong pup! Sometimes he even thinks like a human. Let us tell you, his favorite dinner is…. drum role please… Mexican Food. Yes, Lolo is a Mexican Food fanatic. After his yummy dinner, he’ll take some whipped cream for dessert! Lolo is quite the food expert. 

Although Lolo expresses some strong characteristics, he is gentile, sweet and loving. He is so special to his family and brings so much joy to their lives. On weekends, his family loves to take him out on bike rides and spend time giving him extra love. The special bond between Lolo and his humans is indescribable in the best way possible.

Interested in making your pet an Emotional Support Animal…

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Our very own American Service Pets teammate, Lindsay C, is a strong advocate for Emotional Support Animals. She says “Even by experiencing being a pet owner, you begin to understand how important an animal’s presence is. I can understand why ESAs are so important.”

We love Dogs and Cats but let's not forget about the rabbits!

Meet Oreo and Stone...

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Where to even begin with these little bundles of fluff. Oreo and Stone are also apart of our ESA family here at American Service Pets. They are dwarf rabbits and love human interaction. Their owners, Wyland and Landon, are some of the best pet owners around town. They absolutely love taking care of their two bunnies. 

Oreo and Stone love to cuddle and of course, eat. They eat. And eat. Just eat all the time. They eat A TON! Their favorite items to eat are bananas and kale. Both Wyland and Landon are excellent feeders and jump at the opportunity to get the rabbits fed.

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Not only do Wyland and Landon get to take care of their rabbits, they get to watch them grow and evolve into adults. The boys were SO excited when Stone gave birth to six more bunnies! You can only imagine the excitement that went on in their household.

When Oreo and Stone first became apart of the family, they had one outside stilt cage. Now, they have a HUGE custom playhouse. They love their new setup and have so much room to play.

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The rabbits have become a very big part of the family. Wyland and Landon love taking the two rabbits to soccer games. They get so much attention! Both Oreo and Stone have their own, lovable personality. They add so much value to the boy’s lives and the entire family loves to play, pet, feed and just hang out with the rabbits each and every day.

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Due to the new Department of Transportation (DOT) policy, Emotional Support Animals are NO longer allowed to fly in airplane cabins for free. However, Psychiatric Service Dogs are eligible.


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