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How to Get a Housing Letter for Your ESA in 2024

How to Get a Housing Letter for Your ESA in 2022

*Estimated Read Time: 5 min 54 sec
Looking for a supplemental or non-traditional way to manage your mental health struggles? Unsure where to begin? Along with our licensed healthcare partners, we are experts in the field and are happy to explain exactly how to get a housing letter for your ESA in 2022!

Can Dogs Have Autism?

Can dogs have autism? Cover V2

The question of whether dogs can have autism reflects a growing interest in understanding the mental health of our canine companions. As awareness of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in humans increases, many dog owners and enthusiasts are curious about its possible existence in dogs. This article explores the intriguing topic of “Can dogs have autism?”, […]

The Most Underrated Dog Breeds

Most Underrated Dog Breeds

*Estimated Read Time: 4 min 52 sec
Don’t let these precious breeds suffer because of common misconceptions! Harmful myths can lead to dog discrimination and many unnecessary shelter euthanizations. Read all about the most underrated dog breeds, and find out if one might be perfect for YOU!

Is My Dog Healthy?

Is My Dog Healthy?

*Estimated Read Time: 6 min 2 sec
Dogs can’t talk to us verbally, but they have the ability to display physical signs of their health status. April is Canine Fitness Month, so we’re focusing in on the most important questions to help you answer “Is My Dog Healthy?”

Do Cats REALLY … ?

Do Cats REALLY ... ?

*Estimated Read Time: 8 min 39 sec
Cats are pretty special creatures, there is no doubt about that! Whether you are a cat enthusiast or a new cat info seeker, you’ll want to read this post. We have compiled a list of the most asked kitty questions on the internet. Some answers might surprise you! Do cats REALLY …

Must-Have Products for Pet Owners!

Must-Have Products for Pet Owners!

*Estimated Read Time: 8 min 13 sec
Whether you have a pet, desire a pet, or are even mildly considering it, you’ll want to read all about the necessary AND must-have products for pet owners today! We have the details to ensure that your current or future pet has everything necessary for a long, happy, and healthy life of loving companionship.

How to Keep Cats From Tracking Litter in Your Home

Cat in litter box

Do you have a cat that tracks litter all over your house? If so, you’re not alone. Many cat owners struggle with this issue. The good news is, there are some things you can do to help prevent your cat from tracking litter. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to keep […]

Can My Dog Eat Human Foods?

Can My Dog Eat Human Foods?

*Estimated Read Time: 9 min 38 sec
Dog owners must acknowledge the specific dietary needs which keep them healthy. Resisting the temptation to feed human food to dogs can be difficult. It isn’t ALWAYS necessary to resist, however! If you’re asking, “Wait, can my dog eat human foods?” then this post is for you.

Why Do Cats Like Catnip?

Why Do Cats Like Catnip?

*Estimated Read Time: 5 min 30 sec
What is it about catnip that some kitties find a-meow-zing? Why do some gain energy from it, while others prefer a good cat nap? Why do some throw hissy fits just for a sniff, while others aren’t phased in the slightest? We’ll answer these questions and more, to nip all the myths in the bud.  

How to Potty Train a Puppy

How To Potty Train a Puppy

*Estimated Read Time: 8 min 50 sec
Getting a new puppy can have many perks. However, bringing a puppy into your home can have challenges, too. Potty training is among one of the most common. Find out the best practices to learn how to potty train a puppy, right here!

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