Current Pet Trends: Are They Really Worth It?

Current Pet Trends: Are They Really Worth It?

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As loving pet parents, we want to do everything possible to optimize our furry friend’s health. We have dug deep to research the most current pet trends of the year. Results are in and we are happy to share the top six, worthwhile pet trends of 2022. 

Service Dogs and Suicide Prevention

Service Dogs and Suicide Prevention

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Mental health and wellness are part of the human condition. It can sometimes be challenging to gauge which of our emotions are proportional, and which are of greater cause for alarm. The conversation surrounding mental health is an important one, and we would like to openly share about Service Dogs and suicide prevention.

Summer Travel Tips for Pet Owners

Summer Travel Tips for Pet Owners

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Here are some great summer travel tips for pet owners that will ensure a safe and low-stress trip. Pet-friendly options are trending, making it more feasible to scratch that wanderlust itch as a pet owner.

Help! My Doctor Won’t Write A Service Dog Letter

Help! My Doctor Won't Write A Service Dog Letter

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Evidence shows that individuals frequently grappling with mental intensity or destructive feelings greatly benefit from the use of a Psychiatric Service Dog. So then, why are so many physicians hesitant to recommend them? That’s an important question! Many are finding themselves stuck when their doctor won’t write a Service Dog letter.

ESA For Cats: A Guide on Picking The Right Breed

esa for cats

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If you’re getting a cat for your ESA, you should keep the above qualities in mind. However, every cat has its own unique personality, and even if they’re not a breed that is well known for having those traits, they might. Also, keep in mind that the reverse is true as well. A cat that is known for certain traits won’t necessarily have them; they’re just more likely to.

The Corgi From Cowboy Bebop: What Makes Corgi’s Great ESAs

corgi from cowboy bebop

If you grew up in the 1990s, you may remember watching the space western anime Cowboy Bebop and falling in love with sweet little Ein. Ein was a Pembroke Welsh corgi who accompanied the Bebop crew on their many adventures. He may even have inspired you to get a corgi of your own – whether […]

10 Ways to Naturally Combat Stress

10 Ways to Naturally Combat Stress

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For many individuals, chronic stress can negatively impact overall physical and mental wellness. Thankfully, dozens of techniques exist to help ease stress and anxiety. Some might surprise you!

Can Someone Have a Service Dog for Autism?

Can Someone with Autism have a Service Dog?

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Individuals with autism are wired differently. They have real neurological differences that impact their behavior. Did you know that an Autism Service Dog is a natural, therapeutic intervention that is helpful for some people with autism?

Do Dogs Dream? Harvard and MIT Experts Weigh In

Do Dogs Dream?

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We can’t communicate with animals in the same way as humans. Anything we know about their sleep is simply theoretical. Have you ever wondered if all the running your dog does while snoozing is normal? Or if dogs REALLY dream? Read here to find out what the experts have to say.