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12 Wicked Fun Dog And Cat Costumes For Halloween 2020

It’s Fall y’all, Time To Find Those Cat and Dog Halloween Costumes!

What is more pleasant than cooler weather, fire pits with smores, pumpkin spice everything, and candy corn abounding? We’re gonna venture to say, dressing up your favorite furry friend for Halloween. There is legitimately nothing more adorable than a costume adorned pup; and, although your kitty’s purr-sonal opinion may differ, cats are pretty darn precious in costume too!

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This year, Halloween will probably look different than the norm.

Kitty Jester costume

Due to social distancing concerns, the CDC is cautioning against any full-blown celebrations. Yes, it’s unfortunate, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the festivities (however modified they might be). Just because you shouldn’t run the streets in your clever Halloween garb doesn’t mean you can’t still show it off! Zoom party in the living room anyone? Facebook and Insta aren’t at COVID risk, so take photos of your little fam and share share share!

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Holiday planning takes time and energy, but we've got you covered.

We know you’re a busy bee so we went ahead and did the research for you. Not only have we compiled 12 amazing ideas for your pet’s Halloween threads, but we also have a few tips for clothing safety and some dog-friendly treat suggestions to booooot.

Ghost Cat Costume

First thing’s first, let’s go over the basics.

When shopping for your pet’s Halloween costume, the most important consideration is size. Costumes are not all manufactured equally (meaning your pet could be a small in one costume but an XL in another). Be sure to measure your dog/cat and use the product size chart to choose the best fit. For helpful tips on measuring, check out this video by The Dog People. It’s also a good idea to purchase the costume in advance and schedule a trial-run before the big day. You should go slowly and check your pet’s comfort level before, during, and after dressing. The costume should not be constricting or agitating, as this can add stress to your dog or cat. Finally, make sure there are no loose strings, etc dangling around. We don’t want any chewing, choking, or joking when it comes to pet safety.

Now on to the fun stuff!

Top 6 Dog Costume Picks



If there is anything paw-sitive 2020 brought to our doorsteps, it’s the UPS man! I mean, who hasn’t ordered one (or two hundred) Amazon packages this year? This fetching costume is both hilarious and very appropriate. Plus, these animated full-body types make great video memories. Ring the doorbell and wait for a special delivery.

The Puppaccino

We like this choice a latte. Get it? It highlights a fun new 2020 trend that has been making everyone smile. In case this is new to you, a Puppaccino is an espresso-sized paper cup filled with whipped cream (generally ok for your four-legged friend to have on occasion). So stay safe, ditch the trick-or-treating, and make a pass through the Starbucks drive-thru with your furry friend! You will indeed create quite a stir for those late-night holiday workers.

Puppachino dog
Gnome dog

Garden Gnome

One pastime that has caught traction this year is home landscaping. With more time on their hands, many folks have taken to this stress-relieving recreation. We’re sure plenty of pups have offered a helping paw by digging holes and chasing away the bugs. What better way to say thanks than letting them be a part of the decor? As an added benefit, it can double as an elf outfit for Christmas! (P.S. this costume is also sold in a simple beard and hat combo for the more finicky pet).

Superman / Wonderwoman

These options are purely classic. Though they speak for themselves, we’d say they give a nod to what Emotional Support Animals have heroically championed over the last six months. If you’re skeptical to make this one a top-pick, click here to read our previous pandemic post!

Super Dog

Taco Tuesday

There wasn’t much to be excited about during the COVID-19 lock-down, but food always managed to keep folks in good spirits. We haven’t met anyone, to date, who isn’t looking for a reason to celebrate tacos. Grab a matching costume for yourself and host a FaceTime Halloween fiesta! If you can’t hand out (dog-friendly) treats around your hood, you mine as well enjoy smashing them out of a pinata. So much fun guys, seriously!  (P.S. If you aren’t much of a baker, Petco has plenty of pre-made treats to grab-n-go as well)


All dogs are known to go a little nutty around small rodents, especially squirrels. We could all use a good laugh to round out this somber year but don’t let this humorous costume distract you. It also has… wait, what were we saying? Oh right, SQUIRREL!

If you’re unsure that your canine companion will tolerate dressing up very well, we have found shark dog and simple festive bandanas to be comfortable and easily endearing choices as well. You’re welcome.

Squirrel dog

Top 6 Cat Costume Picks

Hotdog Kitty

Hotdog Kitty

For a year where up seems like down and left feels right, we deem an oxymoron inspired costume appropriate! We have all seen the dachshund dressed in Weiner attire, but it’s less common to find the “identity crisis” feline roaming around. This outfit is easy to slip on and will keep your cat quite toasty. Don’t worry if you’re behind on ordering this delightful outfit, there is still time to ketchup!


It’s no secret that 2020 is an election year. With this bold statement outfit, your cat might just qualify for a mail-in ballot! If this costume doesn’t make you smile, the corruption on Capitol Hill may have you spooked for life (just sayin’). No matter which party you vote for this Fall, we vote for raising awareness through cuteness overload. Whose with us?

Pawlitician cat
Guitar Kitty

Guitar Kitty

By nature, cats are generally more sedentary creatures. That fact is precisely why this costume makes us laugh out loud. It’s not likely that your kitty is dreaming of becoming a rockstar but we all have secret ambitions right? This Halloween put on a festive soundtrack and choreograph some dance duos with your feline friend. Make sure to throw a video on the inter-webs so the world can enjoy your feline’s hidden skill set!

Bat Cat

Duh, nuh nuh nah… Duh, nuh nuh nah… BAT CAT! Ok, that’s not quite the right theme song but it’s still fun. These flexible wings are super easy to slip on your furry friend and make a great accompaniment to many human costumes. May we suggest a witch or warlock? They are strong and brazen alone but usually prefer to stir the cauldron with help from their trusty emotional support bat.

Bat Cat
Lion's Mane

Lion’s Mane

Is your kitty the king of the jungle? Not quite, but the king of the castle is certainly fitting. This lion’s mane is simple and easy to wear, but also fur-real adorbs. House cats might have a little roar but we all know their power to love is humungous. Why not grab your fearless protector, snuggle up on the couch, and binge-watch Hocus Pocus this Halloween? Don’t forget to share the caramel corn!

Dr. Meow

The medical community has been a tremendous blessing during the health crisis of 2020. We are so grateful for all of the hard work that doctors and nurses (including veterinarians) across the nation have put in this year. If you, yourself, are a healthcare worker then this costume will certainly make you smile. If not, we are sure you know SOMEONE in the field who deserves a “meow-out” from your precious ball of fluff.

Dr. Meow

Again, if you’re unsure that dressing up will go over well with your cat’s purr-sonality, we recommend considering an effortless (but enthusiastic) ruffle collar alternative. If you’re a big Halloween fan and REALLY want Jinxie to join in, you can try to ease his hesitation with these enticing catnip toys! We don’t typically condone bribery, buuut in the spirit of spook, we give this one a pass. There are so many costume choices in the land of online retail and we bet even more amazing original DIY ideas!

We would LOVE to see and hear about your personal pet costume choices on our social channels! Tag us on Instagram and visit us on Facebook to share your 2020 Halloween adventures. 
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