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Amazing Apps for Pet Owners!

10 Amazing Apps for Pet Owners!

Even for the best pet parents, pet care can be overwhelming. Luckily, technology has made keeping track of their health, routines, and safety easier than ever! Hundreds of device apps exist to help you take better care of your four-legged friends. How can you choose? We compiled our favorite 10 amazing apps for pet owners that cover adoption, pet sitting, health, convenience, and a few for mere enjoyment! 

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Pet Adoption


We love this one in particular because there are so many lonely animals in need of a family. If you’re hoping to find a fur-ever friend, Petfinder allows you to search through animals in need of a forever home! In order to help match families/individuals with the right potential adoption animal, they work with several thousand foster groups, rescues, and shelters. They’re also home to many breed-specific coalitions. Their database uses your zip code to find local fur babies waiting for a parent. From there, you can filter your search based on preference: age, breed, size, and more. 

Cost: free to browse (adoption rates will vary) 
Platform: Apple (iOS) and Android
Pet specific: all pets, including reptiles and rodents 
Amazing Apps for Pet Owners!

Get Your ESA Today


Due to the new Department of Transportation (DOT) policy, Emotional Support Animals are NO longer allowed to fly in airplane cabins for free. However, Psychiatric Service Dogs are eligible.

Pet Health

Airvet for Pet Parents:

Have a pressing health concern for one of your four-legged friends, but are not sure they need to be seen in an office? Unable to wait for an in-person visit to determine the best course of action? Using the Airvet app offers veterinary expertise via telehealth appointments. With a $30 monthly plan, users have unlimited access to telehealth services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also choose to pay an annual $300 app fee, and your pet will be provided with up to $650 of wellness perks (including some testing). Without either subscription plan, single calls and visits cost $30 each. 

Cost: free to download (with paid appointment services)
Platforms: Apple (iOS) and Android
  • Important reminder: the app should not replace in-person emergency care; usefulness will vary in case-by-case scenarios. It’s more for peace of mind, and or to determine whether your pet question warrants concern. In an actual emergency, please seek appropriate care. 

iKibble Free:

Not sure if your leftovers are good for your four-legged friend? This database app gives you access to lists of common foods and lets you know which ones are pet-friendly, as well as the ones that are dangerous, unhealthy, and or toxic. It also has lists of potentially unsafe household items. All the lists have options to view individual items in detail and are in alphabetical order for optimal convenience. Best of all, users can make notes on items and star their importance to store them for later. 

Cost: free (with ads and in-app purchase options) from the Apple store; $0.99 version called iKibble on Google Play
Platforms: Apple (iOS) and Android 
Pet specific: dogs and cats (cats may have slightly different needs)
  • Important reminder: the app should be used as a guide, and not replace expert advice or instructions from your routine veterinarian.
Amazing Apps for Pet Owners!

Pet Sitting


In need of a pet sitter, dog walker, pet boarder, or your own job as a caretaker for someone else’s pets? Rover is the place to be! One of the most popular pet-service apps in use, it lists caregiver options based on your location. It’s also a for-hire database, allowing pet-lovers and workers to look for new job opportunities. And don’t let the name of the app throw you off; it’s not strictly canine-specific. Any pet can benefit from a trusted 5-star pet care service listed on the Rover forum. 

Cost: free to browse (with paid service listings)
Platforms: Apple (iOS) and Android (includes over 10,000 cities in job searches)
Pet-specific: all pets (services vary according to pet)


Much like Rover, Wag gives 5-star pet care options. While mainly an app used for dog-walking, they also list sitters and boarders for dogs and cats alike. Additional services advertised include overnight care and drop-in visits. Owners even have the option to chat with a certified vet. My favorite Wag! Feature, however? The Wag! Wellness comparison tool, which helps match a pet’s needs with their owner’s budget; pet insurance information included. They also give promotion codes for discounts, on occasion. 

Cost: free to browse (with paid service listings); they also offer promo codes. 
Platforms: Apple (iOS) and Android 
Pet-specific: all pets (services vary according to pet)
Amazing Apps for Pet Owners!

Pet Convenience


Chewy is the one-stop shop for all things pet related! Chewy’s mission statement includes the goal to deliver the best products with the best service, and to make customers their #1 priority. The company offers many competitive pet brands as well as its own pet line. I love to shop with Chewy when filling my pets’ Christmas stockings as they offer huge varieties, great promos, and great pricing! They also have subscription options for owners who don’t want the hassle of placing monthly orders. 

Cost: free (with in-app purchase options) 
Platform: Apple (iOS) and Android
Pet-specific: all pets

Dog Monitor (though it’s really for ANY pet):

This is a popular app which uses any device to monitor your pet while you’re away from home. Simply setup a home device in a convenient location for camera access (you can even use your TV)! Since the app is not restricted to local wifi access, you can monitor your pet through your phone wherever you go. One of the distinct features of Dog Monitor is the ability to record voice commands ahead of the time. This allows you to instruct your animal, in your own voice, with a tap if they are misbehaving. You can also talk to them in real-time through live-stream. You can set the sensitivity of alerts and notifications when your animal makes sounds.

Cost: One time purchase of $5.99 Android – $6.99 Apple (iOS)
Amazing Apps for Pet Owners!

Pet Amusement

Play Apps for Pet Parents – Pet Hotel My Animal Pension:

Love pets but not ready to make the commitment? Have pets but can’t get enough of them? The Pet Hotel app is a great interactive simulation game. It lets you care for animals by seeing to their daily needs. Players can then complete quests to build and develop their online hotels, where all their furry charges live!

Cost: free to download (with ads and in-app purchase options) 

Platform: Apple (iOS) and Android

BUT why should humans have all the fun? Just because our pet pals don’t have thumbs, doesn’t mean they can’t partake in some electronic entertainment! There are apps designed specifically for THEM too!

Play Apps for Pups & Kitties:

Lonely Dog ToyThis canine app features six interactive toys brimming with exciting shapes and sounds. The games feature either a mouse, fish, rabbit, cat, squeak toy, or laser which move in various ways across the screen. The aim is for your pup to “catch” the object. Once their paw lands on it, there is an alert sound, and the object changes direction! Hand over the tablet and get ready for a little self-care time while the doggo is happily occupied.  

Free to download on both Apple (iOS) and Android devices

Mouse for CatsA feline’s obsession with chasing mice is as old as time. This super fun app allows for the virtual version, which spares paw-rents from the messy aftermath. Colorful and animated mice zoom back and forth through 11 meow-tastic levels! After a little tap-tap here and tap-tap there, your cat will be hooked on smacking screens to their hearts content. Of course apps are no replacement for real-time play, but if you’re a busy pet parent they can offer some filler. 

Free to download on both Apple iOS and Android devices
Amazing Apps for Pet Owners!
PC: Wayne Taylor
With these fun and helpful apps, you’ll have exactly what you need to take paw-fect care of your furry friend; all just a phone tap away! Let us know via social @americanservicepets if you decide to give any of our suggestions a try. 
ESA or PSA Certification?

The benefits of an Emotional Support Animal certification and a Psychiatric Service Dog certification are drastically different. Fortunately for you, American Service Pets’ network of active board certified doctors can help you find the right path to certification. To find out whether you need an ESA or PSD letter, take our easy, three-step Pet Owner Survey!


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