11 Ways to Get Your Dog to Trust, Love and Respect You

11 Ways to Get Your Dog to Love Trust and Respect You

*Estimated Read Time: 7 min, 25 sec. If you’ve got a new canine companion, there are some important things you should know about how to achieve that longed-for BFF status. Before you buy colored string to make matching friendship bracelets, you may want to take note of these tried and true methods to get your dog to trust. Once you’ve earned his trust, the love and respect will follow close behind.

What is my dog feeling?

What Is My Dog Feeling?

Estimated Read Time: 7 min, 18 sec
Good communication and mutual understanding are the backbones of any successful relationship, but how the heck do you build a long-lasting and healthy relationship with your dog? While we can’t listen to their thoughts, you should be able to start answering “what is my dog feeling?” by paying attention to his body language.

Is Crate Training Good Or Bad? Find Out Now

To crate or not to Crate_American service pets

*Estimated read time 6min 57 seconds. I know you all just clicked this to find out the quick answer to the question, “is crate training good or bad?” I’ll get to that… but first a little bit about us. Through a random series of events, this little dude ended up with us. He is part Mini pincher with some other things mixed in there.

Dog Obedience Training Matters for You and Your Dog

Dog with back to school sign

The thrill and anticipation of bringing a new dog into your home can be truly amazing. You wait and wait for the day to arrive as your excitement mounts and builds to bursting point! Finally, it happens. Your puppy is old enough to leave his mama OR the paperwork is settled and your dog can […]

Training Your Emotional Support Dog

Training Your Emotional Support Dog

When you have an emotional support animal, the human to animal bond grows more intimately as both live and work together, and are supported with health and happiness. This experience is effective when an emotional support dog, cat, or other furry friend is carefully training. Training to provide comfort, assistance, and even protection. Canines are […]

Help! My ESA is Ruining My House


Finding your emotional support dog chewing, scratching or tugging on your nice household items can be nerve-racking. These dog behaviors can prevent you from getting an emotional support letter and from renting with your ESA. Therefore, it’s important to understand the cause and find solutions.  Luckily, not all is doom and gloom. You can still get […]